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VAFundedDad Streamer Accused of Cheating in Warzone $5K KARNAGE Clan Clash Tournament

A streamer by the name of VAFundedDad has been removed from a paid Warzone tournament after allegations of cheating were brought against him.

Whilst Warzone and cheating go hand-in-hand at the moment, there is a clear distinction when cheating within a paid tournament.

Cold War Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Mace Streamer Cheating
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Unfortunately, even popular streamers like Dr. Disrespect are threatening to uninstall Warzone. It seems that the rampant problems surrounding the Battle Royale game are just too big for some to handle.

However, now it seems that there are some streamers who are trying to mask their use of cheats in-game. One such streamer may have attempted to do so by utilizing cheats in a paid Warzone tournament. Now, as a result, he has consequently been banned.

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Furthermore, other streamers are actively trying to call attention to the issue, such as Jack Frags’ recent statement on the state of Warzone. Here is what we know about the streamer and the allegations that have been brought against him.

Warzone Tournament Bans Streamer After Cheating Allegations

KARNAGE Clan, a Gaming Entertainment Organisation has banned streamer ‘VAFundedDad’ after he appeared to be cheating live on Twitch.

Whilst the allegations came flooding in, VAFundedDad appears to try and hide the evidence whilst in the middle of his stream.

Warzone Vanguard Map
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However, eagle-eyed viewers were skeptical of the streamer, when attempting to show that he was in fact not cheating. Interestingly enough, the streamer struggled to open the CMD prompt for viewers, which would reveal whether or not he was using cheats.

Despite the pressure, VAFundedDad’s stream went offline multiple times when viewers urged the streamer to show he was not cheating. However, it looks like some viewers were able to figure it out anyway.

It didn’t take long for VAFundedDad to receive an immediate ban from the tournament, whilst angry messages flooded in from other combatants:

(Source: Twitter)

However, whilst some viewers have been abusive towards the streamer, he has also received some support from others acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes.

Interestingly, once the reports of cheating began, the stream attracted over 13k viewers. Warzone fans appear to be out on the hunt for cheaters with the issue apparently only getting worse and worse.

Warzone Streamer Cheating
(Source: Activision)

Similarly, recently many were worried at the appearance of advertisements for cheats for console, which luckily were recently shut down by Activision.

What do you think of VAFundedDad’s behavior in the KARNAGE Clan tournament? According to one Twitter user by the name of @EIFenomeno, cheaters do in fact prosper:

Who said cheaters never win? He got 75+ subs and was sitting at 14,000 viewers at one stage.

@EIFenomeno – Twitter

Warzone Developer Raven Software has recently expanded to become a ‘Super Studio’. This could appear to signal that some major changes are underway for the Battle Royale. Perhaps this could entail something to stop the rampant cheating issue in Warzone?

However, in the meantime check out our best meta sniper loadouts in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.

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Wednesday 21st of July 2021

Cheating is bad enough, but cheating in a tournament with money prizes is lower than dirt amongst gamers. Makes you a thief, pure garbage.