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“Useless” Nintendo Switch OLED Model Hated By Fans

The new Nintendo Switch OLED has just been revealed, but fans are already angry at the announcement.

Many Nintendo fans had been eagerly awaiting a new Switch model. Some hoped that the leaks about a 4K Switch Pro were true, while others just wanted increased battery life or other substantial upgrades.

However, fans were left very disappointed with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED. And, of course, fans are already on the Nintendo subreddit complaining about it.

But, first, check out the Nintendo Switch OLED reveal trailer.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED Fan Reaction

Most of the negative reaction towards the Switch OLED is down to the lack of real upgrades from the original model. Check out a side-by-side comparison of the original Switch vs Switch OLED to see the differences in tech specs.

Firstly, players are disappointed, despite the improved OLED screen, because of the “incremental” upgrades. For existing Switch fans, this new OLED model doesn’t seem worth buying at all, although it is a good option for people who haven’t got a Switch already.

Check out the full Nintendo Switch OLED tech specs, including battery life and resolution.

Other players also think that the OLED screen is nowhere near enough to get them to buy the new Nintendo Switch model. However, the ethernet port will be great for online games like Smash Bros or the upcoming Splatoon 3.

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The increased memory is also coming under fire, with one player calling the upgrade from 32 to 64GB internal storage “useless”. However, they might think otherwise when Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus release

Finally, fans are joking about the lack of a processing upgrade in the Nintendo Switch OLED. However, they are right that an improved display won’t matter much unless games run at a higher frame rate.

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What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch OLED? Make sure to share them with other Nintendo fans on the console’s subreddit.

And if you still think you want to pick one up, find out how to pre-order the new Switch OLED model.

Nintendo Switch OLED Joycon

In other news, Nintendo has revealed the total subscriber count for Nintendo Switch Online. Plus, there are some improvements in the works too.

Also, Samus is getting a first 2D game for the first time in almost 20 years. Check out the E3 2021 trailer for Metroid Dread.

Finally, Nintendo has already reported huge sales figures in 2021. This will surely grow even more with the new OLED model.

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