A new Ursaluna Bloodmoon form is here as part of a new leak for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC and it’s the most metal-looking Pokemon yet.

Sometimes Pokemon pulls out a truly unhinged creature design and we all just have to accept it. That’s certainly the case with Ursaluna Bloodmoon Form, a new leak that’s arriving ahead of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first DLC.

For those unaware, Ursaluna is a special evolution of Ursaring that evolves when exposed to a Peat Block during a full moon. Previously, this form was only attainable in the Hisui region, but now Ursaluna’s Bloodmoon form appears to be making its debut in Paldea!


Ursaluna Bloodmoon Form Leaks

A new leak from Kaphotics on Twitter appears to reveal a new Bloodmoon Form for Ursaluna, alongside an in-game image of the new Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

Reportedly, this Pokemon has ‘crossed the sea and drifted ashore in a new land’ which explains its presence in Paldea. However, it seems that something about the Gen 9 region has caused Ursaluna to take on a new Bloodmoon form, complete with special powers.

The menacing new Ursaluna Bloodmoon Form can see in the dark with its black left eye, and is able to coat itself in mud as ‘hard as iron’.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna Ability

According to CentroLeaks, Bloodmoon Ursaluna has a new ability – Mind’s Eye. Its description is as follows:

“The Pokemon ignores changes to opponents’ evasiveness, its accuracy can’t be lowered, and it can hit Ghost types with Normal- and Fighting-type moves.”

It also comes with a unique attack – Blood Moon.

“The user unleashes the full brunt of its spirit from a full moon that shines as red as blood. This move can’t be used twice in a row.”

It’s worth noting that this is just a leak, and worth taking with a pinch of salt for now. However, if the leak isn’t legit, it’s certainly an incredibly well-done fake.

And that’s not all the leaker had to offer either! Alongside Bloodmoon Ursaluna, Kaphotics revealed a new green tea Pokemon ‘Sinistcha’ which appears to be an evolution of the new matcha Pokemon, Poltchageist.

We’ll have to wait until an official reveal from The Pokemon Company for confirmation. But if these two Pokemon aren’t real, they’re some high-effort fakes.

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