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Urgent Warning Issued to Nintendo Switch OLED Owners

The Nintendo Switch OLED is out in the market and an urgent warning about its screen is in order.

Hundreds of lucky gamers around the world are now enjoying their new consoles.

Nintendo chose to launch its new hardware alongside the anticipated Metroid Dread.

As gamers play their Switch games on the new crisp OLED panel, new information about the console has come to light.

But, there’s something important all these fortunate players need to learn about this console refresh.

Nintendo Switch OLED screen urgent warning
Source: Nintendo

Switch OLED Protective Film on Screen Warning

Some gamers noticed something curious about their consoles once they unboxed them.

A film that sits all across the surface of the newest member of the Nintendo Switch family.

The Verge noticed this and reached out to Nintendo.

To which Nintendo urgently replied with a warning: Do not remove it from your Nintendo Switch OLED’s screen!

According to this information, the film is a protective anti-scattering layer.

Nintendo Switch OLED screen urgent warning
Source: Nintendo

Which, in proper English, means that the small film protects shards from flying away if your screen ever shatters.

This is necessary since the Nintendo Switch OLED has a glass screen.

Namely, this was not necessary with the old Switch models, as both feature a plastic screen.

Certainly, there are a bit more differences between each Nintendo Switch model than meets the eye.

Furthermore, this layer avoids the user from ever having direct contact with the glass.

Concerns With Nintendo Switch OLED’s Screen

Should you be worried about this urgent warning in regards to the Nintendo Swith OLED screen?

Well, in short, no you shouldn’t.

According to many owners of the console, you would really have to take a good look before finding this protective film.

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Additionally, users on Reddit have added that it’s so impercetible that it is surely safe to believe a child will not be curious enough to remove it.

With that in mind, it is extremely unlikely that this will eventually become an issue for your new console.

Just avoid being overly curious and follow the warning, do not remove the Nintendo Switch OLED screen film.

If you are yet to pick up a Switch OLED yet, you can track the latest stock news.

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Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Good thing I put a tempered glass screen protector on mine. I just need a 512GB MicroSD card and I will be able to transfer everything over. I am going to be giving my launch day Switch to a good friend of mine who has wanted one for the longest time. She's going to be thrilled.

Monday 11th of October 2021