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Ural Mountains Zombies Map Confirmed by New Teaser From Treyarch?

A new teaser image has seemingly confirmed that an Ural Mountains Zombies map is on the way.

Firebase Z only launched last month, yet Cold War players could be getting another new Zombies map soon. The long-teased Ural Mountains level could be on the way.

Treyarch’s latest tweet is the latest in a series of Zombies teasers hinting that the mountain range could be full of the undead.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies

New Requiem Recon Intel Teaser

Treyarch tweeted out a picture with the caption “new Requiem recon intel incoming”. This image shows “the largest Aetherium crystals yet encountered” and could show that zombies are coming to the Ural Mountains.

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This new image seemingly confirms that the next Cold War Zombies map will be set in the mountain range. Players had also already been discussing the possibility of an Ural Mountains Zombies map thanks to a secret found in Firebase Z.

Eagle-eyed Call of Duty fans pointed out that this picture is actually set in the Ruka Fire Team map. This is a forested area in the Ural Mountains and, therefore, could confirm that the next Zombies map is set there.

Treyarch Studios Twitter

Ural Mountains Zombies Map

Players have narrowed down the exact loaction of the Aetherium Crystal in the photo, however this may not be the exact location of the map.

The teaser image also says that the crystals have been spreading across the region and even terraforming the landscape. This means that zombies could be appearing anywhere within the Ural Mountains.

The image also states that it is altering the atmosphere too.

This could be the open-world Outbreak Zombies mode that has been rumored This Outbreak mode has also recently been accidentally leaked by Treyarch themselves, so it is definitely coming soon.


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