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Warzone Will Have Exciting, “Never Seen Before” Content In New Seasons

A new interview has revealed that Warzone could be getting way more exciting content in the upcoming seasons.

The amount of content in Warzone is one of the biggest complaints Warzone players have about the game. Of course, there are regular content updates every Season and mid-season, but players are usually disappointed with the lack of changes.

However, a new interview promises that Warzone content updates could become way more exciting in the future.

Warzone Season 2 Shipwreck

Warzone Season 3 Content & Beyond

In an interview with Inverse, Activision's Chief Revenue Officer Brandon Snow revealed a lot about the future of Warzone content.

We already know that Warzone will be Activision's number 1 priority for a long time, but this interview reaffirms that. Snow said: "We're really focused on making Warzone be the best it can be. "

However, Snow also spoke about Black Ops Cold War's lifespan. Find out how long Cold War will be supported for here.

warzone zombies leaving shipwreck

Additionally, Snow said that they weren't concerned about what Fortnite was doing and shared how proud he was of the ongoing Zombies event. He said: "Only Warzone could do the zombies the way we do them. "

Where will the zombies in Warzone spread next?

Warzone players can also expect exciting new content soon, according to Snow:

"In the upcoming seasons, you’re going to see some really cool new stuff that Warzone has never done before. It’ll be really exciting and done in a Call of Duty way."

Let's hope this means the heavily rumored nuke live event is coming soon. Black Ops Cold War nuke voice lines have leaked ahead of Warzone event

Warzone Airport

New Warzone Map Set in the '80s?

However, one of the most interesting things Snow said about upcoming Warzone content hinted at a past setting for the new map.

"Call of Duty: Cold War’s identity and ‘80s theme offer tons of opportunities for innovative content."

We have already seen the first image of the new Warzone map, but does this quote confirm that Warzone will be traveling back in time? I guess we will have to wait until Season 3 starts.

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Warzone Season 2

Meanwhile, Warzone hackers have found a way to play as the unreleased Soap MacTavish operator. Hopefully, he will be released officially soon, alongside other new Warzone content.

Also, players need to keep an eye out for players using exploits again. Yes, that's right, the infinite stim glitch is back again.

Connection issues are also plauguing Warzone. This is why players are desperate for a rejoin feature.

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