In a series of recent tweets, one Infinity Ward dev has shed light on a few upcoming changes in Call of Duty Warzone.

Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer, Joe Cecot, has responded on Twitter to various fans who issued their concern about Warzone.

In his replies, Cecot reveals some fixes Infinity Ward is working on or looking into. The vast majority of these changes should arrive in the next update, although some may come a little later.

Some Fixes Coming in Next Warzone Update

Infinity Ward will try to ensure that sticking opponents with a Semtex will always down them unless there is a Trophy System. This is according to a new tweet from Cecot, where he confirms he will look into this fix.

Not only this, but Cecot has also announced a change that will ensure you get the kill when you down someone before they leave the game. This will grant players with kills they rightly deserved, so there’s no doubt that fans will be excited about this fix.

Since the launch of Call of Duty Warzone, some players have been reporting a frequent, white glare across their screen. This obviously can be very off-putting especially when in a fight, so thankfully the Infinity Ward dev has confirmed they “believe a fix incoming soon.”

In addition to the fixes announced by Joe Cecot, it looks like Infinity Ward has also revealed a host of other incoming changes on the official Modern Warfare Trello Board.

The team has acknowledged that the “option to report players in Warzone is missing,” so we can presumably expect to see this added in rather soon. A fix for where single-fire mode prevented weapons from being dropped or swapped also seems on the horizon if a new update to the board is anything to go by.


Here’s a brief summary of what to expect so far in the next Call of Duty Warzone update, based on what Infinity Ward is looking into.

  • Fix that ensure Semtex will always down opponents when stuck.
  • The ‘white glare’ issue will likely be patched.
  • Fix to ensure players will receive the kill if they downed someone who left the game.
  • Option to report players.
  • Fix for single-fire mode preventing dropping/swapping weapons.