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Unreleased Sykov Blueprint Leaked in Warzone Looks Overpowered

The unreleased Sykov pistol could become the new best secondary weapon in Warzone.

Warzone players are always on the lookout for new weapons. However, old-school Call of Duty fans might recognize this one too.

A Warzone player has discovered an unreleased Blueprint for the Sykov pistol in a match of plunder. Call of Duty fans may also know this pistol as the Makarov PM and there’s a few big reasons why you should be excited about this new sidearm.

A video on Reddit shows that the Sykov could become the best new secondary and maybe even the most popular gun in Warzone. The weapon finally appearing in Warzone also reignites all of the rumors surrounding Modern Warfare Season 7.

Also, all of the weapons from the upcoming Warzone and Cold War Season 2 have been leaked.

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Sykov – New Best Secondary in Warzone?

The short clip on Reddit shows a player firing the new Sykov pistol after he picked it up using the Weapon Drop field upgrade in Plunder. It certainly looks like the Sykov will be a great option as a secondary weapon in Warzone.

Here are the current top 5 secondary weapons in Warzone, according to Xclusive Ace.

According to the Reddit poster, the Skykov has a barrel attachment that converts the pistol to automatic firing. This would make it the only fully automatic secondary weapon in Warzone.

In addition to that, the leaker also claims that the weapon has an 80-round drum mag, but this is not confirmed. If the Sykov also has the Akimbo perk, in addition to full-auto firing and huge magazines, then it could definitely become the most overpowered gun in Warzone.

Let’s hope the Sykov isn’t as overpowered as the Dual-Wield Diamattis that had to be nerfed into oblivion.

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Modern Warfare Season 7 Confirmed?

The existence of the Sykov in Warzone could also prove that Modern Warfare Season 7 is on the way.

With all the hype for Cold War Season 1 coming to Warzone, many players have forgotten about the huge Modern Warfare Season 7 leak from a while ago. This included new operators and weapons, including the Sykov.

Players have found out how to unlock the Sykov and CX-9 SMG early in Modern Warfare by completing hidden challenges. A fan-favorite operator was also set to come to the leaked Modern Warfare Season 7.

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Meanwhile, Warzone players aren’t enjoying the game anymore for a number of reasons. It also looks like Activision’s ban wave didn’t work and cheaters are back in Warzone too.

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