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How to Unlock Every Weapon in Black Ops Cold War Season 1

Cold War’s first major update is here, and players are already causing havoc with the game’s new guns. Here’s how to unlock every weapon in Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

As with every new Call of Duty season, there are new guns to be unlocked and new gameplay modes to enjoy them on. This Black Ops Cold War season, we have several excellent new weapons to try out.

All of the following weapons can be obtained without spending any money, but you’ll need to level up your Cold War Battle Pass fast. If your favorite Black Ops Cold War gun is useless now, consider seeing what Season 1 has to offer.

How to unlock every weapon Black Ops Cold War Season 1
(Source: Treyarch)

Unlocking Black Ops Cold War Season 1’s New Guns

Black Ops Cold War has several new guns to unlock and add to your roster in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. If you’re dropping into the new Rebirth Island Warzone map, here are some of the latest weapons you can bring to the battlefield.

How To Unlock Mac-10

If you’re looking to unlock a new Black Ops Cold War Season 1 gun, the first one you’ll come across is the Mac-10. This fan-favorite SMG is an iconic piece of weaponry, and it’s incredibly powerful in Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Mac 10
(Source: Treyarch)

The Mac-10 is a free unlock at Tier 15 of the Black Ops Cold War Battle Pass.

Within a few days, a large percentage of the game’s player base will have the new gun unlocked, whether they paid for the Battle Pass or not.

Be sure to know how to fight against it, as the Mac-10 is devastating in close-range combat.

How To Unlock Groza

The Groza is a fully-automatic Assault Rifle capable of taking enemies down at a decent range with a fast rate of fire. Unfortunately, Cold War players will have to put in the hours to unlock this Cold War Season 1 gun.

Black Ops Cold War Groza
(Source: Treyarch)

The Groza requires a player to get to Tier 31 before it unlocks, meaning you’ve got quite the grind ahead of you. However, with many users paying for the 20 Tier skip Battle Pass, there are sure to be a few Groza-wielders already in Multiplayer.

How To Unlock Streetsweeper

Black Ops Cold War’s new shotgun is the fastest fire rate weapon in its class, according to the Treyarch blog. This is Black Ops Cold War’s first fully-automatic shotgun, and it’s sure to tear up Nuketown’s Christmas map.

Black Ops Cold War Streetsweeper
(Source: Treyarch)

This new weapon is ready to clear out whole rooms of enemies with lower damage but great weapon control.

The Streetsweeper is dropping later in the Cold War season, requiring players to complete a Challenge to obtain it. We will update this when the challenge is revealed.

How To Unlock New Melee Weapons

There are also two melee weapons joining the Knife in Black Ops Cold War.

These two unlocks are also set to appear later in Cold War Season 1.

Cold War Warzone Sledgehammer Wakizashi How to Unlock

If you want to unlock the Sledgehammer and Wakizashi in Black Ops Cold War, we’ve got all the information you need.

More weapons will be making an appearance on Black Ops Cold War Season 2’s release date. What’s more, Treyarch confirms that a new Zombies map is coming to Black Ops Cold War Season 2 as well.

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