There are two ways to unlock the Crossbow Weapon in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2:

  1. Complete all seven Path of the Ronin Event challenges
  2. Purchase the Ballistic Love bundle from the in-game store

Completing either one of these methods will allow players to add the Crossbow to their arsenal.

The Crossbow is a silent and agile Marksman Rifle that fires 20 inch bolts capable of being recovered after each shot. Not even a Trophy System can stop these projectiles, which are as lethal as they are stealthy.

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Complete All Seven Path of the Ronin Challenges

Currently, the only way to unlock the Crossbow without purchasing it is to complete all seven Path of the Ronin event challenges in either Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2. You can check out all of these challenges and the easiest way to complete them here.

MW2 Season 2 Ronin

The Crossbow should become available to unlock via a regular in-game challenge after the Path of the Ronin event comes to an end in March.

We can’t see it making it onto the higher tiers of the Warzone 2 Season 2 Weapon Tier List, but it’s still a fun and creative option to stick in your loadouts.

Tracer Pack: Ballistic Love Bundle

The Ballistic Love bundle is now available via the in-game store for 2400 COD Points (~$20 / £16.79). It was added to the store at the same time as when the final Path of the Ronin challenges went live on Wednesday, March 1.

The Ballistic Love Bundle not only comes with a selection of unique cosmetics, but it’s also a way of getting the Crossbow without spending time unlocking it.

What’s more, the Lovemaker Blueprint for the Crossbow means you won’t need to spend time leveling up the weapon before hopping into your next game with it fully kitted out.

The entire contents of this bundle are as follows:

  • “Snack” Operator Skin for Reyes
  • Two Weapon Blueprints
    • “Heartbreaker” SMG
    • “Lovemaker” Marksman Rifle (a five-attachment Blueprint for the new Crossbow)
  • “Roses and Riptides” Personal Watercraft Vehicle Skin
  • “Crush” Weapon Charm
  • “Cupid” Weapon Charm
  • “Cupid’s Upgrade” Weapon Sticker
  • “Lovers and Fighters” Loading Screen
  • “B Mine” Animated Emblem
Tracer Pack Ballistic Love Bundle

Could we see the Crossbow become one of the best weapons for Ashika Island in the future? Probably not, but it’s still one of the most fun to use!

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