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Best Method to Unlock Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer Fast

Black Ops Cold War has a new weapon to try out, and players are having issues with unlocking it. Here’s the best method to unlock the Cold War Sledgehammer fast:

If you want to get your hands on Black Ops Cold War’s newest melee weapon, you’ve got quite the grind ahead of you. Unfortunately, Treyarch hasn’t made it easy to unlock this time around.

Previously, a strange bug allowed players to unlock Cold War’s mid-Season 1 weapons early in Warzone. However, now the Sledgehammer is here to stay for all users.

Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer
(Source: Activision)

To unlock the Sledgehammer, Cold War’s second melee weapon, in Multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies, players have a new challenge to complete. According to the in-game text, you’ll need to get 15 double kills with the Knife in separate matches.

How to Unlock Sledgehammer in Black Ops Cold War Fast

Here’s the best method for unlocking the Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer.

Since you’re looking for double kills with the shortest range weapon in the game, we recommend sticking to Nuketown 24/7. The small map and close-quarters combat will lead to some easy double kills.

Remember though, you can only get one per match for the Sledgehammer challenge. Try to get behind enemy lines and leap out for a surprise attack when they’re focussing on long-range enemies.

Be sure to make certain you’re running the best class for unlocking Cold War’s Sledgehammer fast too. We recommend running Forward Intel, Tracker, and Ninja to best get the drop on your enemies.

Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer Unlock Fast
(Source: Activision)

Give yourself the UAV Scorestreak and a Field Mic so you always know the enemy’s position. And most importantly, run the Danger Close Wildcard so you can make use of two Smoke Grenades.

These Smoke Grenades will get you up close and personal with enemies, and they’re great for Nuketown in general.

You could also lower your SBMM in Black Ops Cold War to make your games easier. In top-rank lobbies, it’ll be hard to kill two players without a twitch-headshot coming your way.

Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer Bugs and Issues

Unfortunately, players are experiencing quite a number of bugs when attempting to unlock Cold War’s Sledgehammer fast. It seems that there are a few issues that prevent the melee weapon from unlocking.

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Firstly, players need to be very careful when killing enemies with the Knife. Should you hold the attack button for more than a split second when attacking from behind, the Finisher animation will play.

Black Ops Cold War Bulldozer Operator
(Source: Activision)

Not only does this Finisher take time and risks you being killed mid-animation, but it also does not count towards your challenge. Using a Finisher apparently will not class as a Knife kill for the Sledgehammer challenge, so avoid them at all cost.

Second and most importantly, do not leave your matches once you’ve got your Knife double kill. According to YouTuber Fili Zi, you must complete each match even after getting a double kill, or it will fail to count towards the challenge.

The Black Ops Cold War fan even saw a pop-up on their screen, informing them that the Sledgehammer unlocked. However, they weren’t actually close to earning their new melee weapon when checking in the menu.

Be sure to finish your games, and take advantage of Black Ops Cold War’s Double XP weekend while doing so. The recent Cold War update also adds a new Operator to the game, and you can already find them in the Store.

Now that the Sledgehammer has officially released, next up Black Ops Cold War is getting a Wakizashi sword. We’re excited to see how these new melee weapons affect the meta, in both Multiplayer and Zombies modes.

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