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Unlock All Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camos With Insane XP Trick

There’s a new Black Ops Cold War trick that unlocks all weapon camos and gives players insane amounts of XP.

If you’re grinding for Black Ops Cold War weapon camos or looking to boost your level in a hurry, there’s a new XP trick for you. Unlocking Cold War’s Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter weapon camos just became easy.

We all know that Black Ops Cold War has its fair share of bugs and glitches. Thankfully, there are some that prove themselves to be very useful, especially for those without the necessary hours needed to grind.

gold XM4 weapon camo
(Source: Activision)

You can get some free Double Battle Pass XP Tokens in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War right now. But on top of that, there’s also a way to break the system entirely and get all camos and challenges for any Black Ops Cold War weapon.

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s also an incredibly popular multiplayer map rumored to return in Black Ops Cold War Season 4!

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Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camo and XP Exploit

If you’re looking for a fast way to unlock all of Black Ops Cold War’s weapon camos, you’re in luck.

Thanks to a new exploit in the May 24 Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Reloaded update, it’s possible to unlock all weapon camos and level up fast in the process.

However, to perform this method you’re going to need a friend with a copy of the game. And at least one of you must be on console for this XP boost and camo trick to work.

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Map Diesel
(Source: Activision)

The outcome of this new glitch will allow two players to spawn in a private lobby right next to one another. And every kill will count towards Black Ops Cold War weapon camo unlocks.

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What’s more, since you’ll be racking up insane amounts of kills on a streak, you can use this trick to get ridiculous in-game XP too. Here’s how it’s performed:

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How to Unlock Every Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camo Fast

  • Both Players – Head into Multiplayer Lobby
  • Host – Select Vs Bots, and then pull up the Settings
  • Friend – Invite Host to a Party using Social menu
  • Host – Accept invite, then pull up Settings again
  • Friend – Back out of lobby, with Party
  • Host – Pull up Settings once again
  • Friend – Enter Zombies, set up a Private Outbreak match and then back out immediately while searching, this time leaving alone
  • Host – Select Change Map, choose any map and confirm, and then change map again to Golova
  • Friend – Joins the party once more, via selecting the player on their Social menu
  • Host – Choose Team Deathmatch and hit Start Match. Although an error may pop up, head into the Social menu, go to Manage Party, and then leave the party

When spawning into the game, one player should kill the other and then use a grenade to kill themselves. You’ll spawn close together, near the map’s fountain.

There are two potential spawn points here, but you can cover one of them with a Sentry Gun to prevent the player from being able to spawn there. Then, simply grind out any camos you need while the player endlessly respawns in place.

Captain Price Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Activision)

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Fastest Way to Earn Black Ops Cold War XP

There are two things to note here: Firstly, the match must come to an end in order for you to claim all your new weapon camos. And secondly, if one of the players is not a console player, this trick may still work but you won’t get to keep the camos after the match ends.

This incredible way to unlock all Black Ops Cold War weapon camos and gain insane XP fast can be seen in this video by Caspahz below. We’re hoping that since Treyarch is reportedly working on Call of Duty 2021, the developer may miss this glitch for at least a few weeks!

Right now, we’d think twice about picking up Black Ops Cold War’s new John McClane and Rambo Operators! After all, players are unhappy with how the 80s action heroes sound in-game, and we can’t blame them!

However, playing the new Die Hardpoint is a lot of fun, and next week’s Rambo’s Gun Game is coming packed with Double XP to boot! Of course, you’ll never need XP again when you take advantage of this trick…

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