There’s a new Warzone 2 glitch that will give you an unlimited amount of free UAVs for the entire game. Here’s how it’s done:

Warzone 2 is finally here, and while there’s a lot to love about Activision’s new Battle Royale, it’s also a bit of a buggy mess. However, not all bugs are bad things, if you know how to exploit the system a bit.

For instance, did you know that you can use one contract in Al Mazrah to level up any gun to max in 10 minutes or less?

Now, without any cheats, players have discovered that there’s an incredibly easy way to get an unlimited UAV for the entire game in Warzone 2.

How to Get Unlimited UAV in Warzone 2

To get an unlimited UAV in your Warzone 2 games, players need to choose the Default Loadout ‘Scout’ when getting their loadout from a Stronghold.

A glitch with the Birdseye perk in the Default Loadout specifically will then give you a UAV whenever another player activates one in your Warzone 2 game.

Here’s a full guide to getting unlimited UAV in Warzone 2:

  • First, drop anywhere in Al Mazrah and loot up
  • When Strongholds open, head for the closest one, clear out the AI enemies, and defuse the bomb
  • Then, go to grab your loadout from the box within, but don’t choose a Custom Loadout
Default Loadout in Warzone 2
  • Instead, select Default Loadouts at the top of the screen, and choose the Scout option
  • Thanks to a glitch with the Birdseye perk in that class, every time an enemy squad uses a UAV, you’ll get one as well.

And just like that you’ll have a UAV whenever anyone else uses one in your Warzone 2 game, effectively giving you unlimited recon for free! Strangely enough, this glitch does not happen when putting the Birdseye perk in your Custom Loadouts.

Here’s a breakdown of the new trick in action by Caspahz on YouTube:

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How to Refresh Buy Station UAV Stock

Another great way to ensure you’re never without a UAV is to get one at a Buy Station. However, if your Buy Station is out of UAV stock, simply buy a few Armor Plates then exit the Buy Station, and the Shop will refresh its UAV stock almost instantly!

You may need to buy the Armor Plate option a few times before the UAV comes back into stock, but this trick definitely works.

Unlimited UAV glitch in Warzone 2

We imagine that it might have something to do with Buy Stations having a limited number of Armor Plates and resetting entirely when that stock is bought. However, Activision has been attempting to fix issues as fast as it can, so these two UAV tricks may not stick around forever!

The publisher is clearly already aware of the DMZ infinite money glitch, for instance. And while it’s not patched just yet, you can no longer get insane weapon XP from it.

In the meantime though, this infinite gas mask glitch is ruining Warzone 2 games too. With unlimited protection from gas, and non-stop UAVs, you can become a real menace in the Battle Royale.

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