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UK PS5 Restock Expected Today, Here’s Where To Look

Another UK PS5 restock could be coming today to select retailers. If you’ve been struggling to get a hold of a PS5, today could be your lucky day.

Sadly, it’s proving quite difficult for shoppers to get hold of next-gen consoles.

Rumors suggest that more PS5 stock would become available in the UK in January, and this seems to be the case so far.

Now, more and more retailers are restocking the Playstation 5 and they are quickly becoming more readily available. However, scalping still remains a serious problem.

Hopefully, with a bit of luck, the situation may be improving for the next-gen console market. In the mean-time, here are the retailers we expect to be a part of the UK PS5 restock today.

UK PS5 Stock

According to new information, there are a number of retailers that are expected to get new PS5 stock today.

Firstly, is expected to put up more stock this morning, so it’s worth eagerly refreshing the page over your morning coffee.

However, it might also be worth keeping an eye on the retailer throughout the day anyway.

PS5 stock can often drop at bizarre times, and it is usually the case that UK PS5 restocks are taken advantage of by scalpers.

Furthermore, one Argos PS5 restock leaker has provided an update on the scalper risk faced by some UK stores.

Very UK PS5 Restock
Source: Very

Keep an eye on today for a chance to grab a PS5. Be aware, however, the stock does not last long.

Furthermore, other retailers that shoppers might want to keep their eyes on which might prove more difficult to access are BT and EE.

Both BT and EE began offering stock today, and as of right now we don’t know if there is any stock left.

However, be warned that there is a catch involved with buying from these retailers. Unfortunately for some, you have to be an existing mobile user to buy from EE.

Furthermore, if you are looking for stock from BT, sadly you have to be an existing broadband user too.

EE UK Ps5 Restock
Source: EE

Although this might not be ideal for some shoppers, on the off-chance that you are a BT or EE customer already, you might be able to get one through these retailers.

An added bonus is that EE and BT might be able to block scalping efforts somewhat due to the fact you have to be an existing customer.

PS5 Stock Trackers

With the UK PS5 restock often there is still difficulty in knowing which retailer you should focus on.

Fortunately, we have UK PS5 restock trackers that can help to notify you the moment new stock goes live.

This way, you can see exactly when new stock is live without having to constantly flick between tabs.

Here is our PS5 Stock Tracker UK, you’ll want to check this periodically and especially when a new update regarding restocking is announced.

Now is the perfect time to pick up a new PS5, a recent GTA 5 leak suggests a major upgrade for next-gen consoles.

Furthermore, it looks like Ghosts of Tsushima 2 has been confirmed for PS5. So there’s plenty to look forward to both now and in the future.

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