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Ubisoft Plus Coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021?

Ubisoft Plus may be making its way to a much larger and grander platform, Xbox Game Pass. Which could see both subscription services stand to gain.

Microsoft is keen to turn Xbox Game Pass into something much more than it already is by expanding the service to other mediums. They’ve even hinted that the service could come to the PS5 and Nintendo Switch Pro if the competition is amenable.

Now that the Xbox Series X/S is here, we expect Microsoft will put many of their plans into action. Partnerships between other services may begin to sprout. And we also expect the tech giant to make more high-profile acquisitions in 2021.

Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda earlier this year was a massive shock to the industry. It will likely have seismic repercussions for this generation of games.

Xbox also has Project xCloud in the works, something that could help take Xbox Game Pass to even more devices. This is alongside their SmartGlass idea.

But one of the biggest (and most realistic) rumors doing the rounds is that Ubisoft’s monthly subscription service, Ubisoft Plus may be coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021.

Could Ubisoft Plus Really Come to Xbox Game Pass?

We think this is entirely plausible, mainly because it would elevate both services. Xbox Game Pass is becoming a juggernaut in the industry; the platform may one day outlive Xbox consoles themselves.

By aligning with Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft Plus will become part of something much bigger. Not to mention earn a significant payday from bringing its content to a larger audience.

And for Microsoft, it gives them the thing they need most of all, more content. They’d get the entire Ubisoft Plus library added to Xbox Game Pass, which is highly significant.

Ubisoft has not wanted to bring their games to Xbox Game Pass in the past because they were trying to build their own service.

But such a partnership may actually represent the best way of doing this – after all, they could continue to run their service separately on PS5, Switch and PC.

Something similar is in the works between Microsoft and EA, so having Ubisoft also join the Xbox Game Pass party just seems logical. It could also be highly beneficial to both companies.

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass, here’s what’s coming to it in January 2021.

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