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Ubisoft+ Coming To Game Pass In 2021, Says Xbox Insider

An insider at Xbox has suggested that a huge slew of Ubisoft titles could be coming to Game Pass by the end of the year.

Xbox's Game Pass has been a genius strategy for Microsoft's gaming empire. A block fee every month for a huge slate of games to play is a great deal for many players and has secured Xbox's name as the kings of the casual gamer.

With each new announcement, Xbox surprises and delights players. The latest Game Pass additions have been big, but Ubisoft would be even bigger.

The Game Pass merged with EA Play last year and allowed players on the Ultimate subscription to partake in a huge library of games produced by the notorious games company.

It was a merger that convinced many gamers to join the service and elevated the pass immensely.

Ubisoft Games Coming to Game Pass in 2021
Xbox Game Pass

Well, it looks like a similar merge could be coming before the end of this year. And it's another huge addition to the subscription service.

Ubisoft's Streaming Service - Coming to Game Pass?

According to an Xbox insider, it looks like Ubisoft+ could be joining the huge Game Pass roster before the year is out. But, it might not feature all of the service's games.

The inclusion of Ubisoft games into Game Pass has been rumored for a while, but now it looks like they could finally be on their way.

The insider is Shepshal Ed, someone who's notorious for revealing Xbox secrets. He spoke on a Discord server about the potential of the connection of the two services.

"Not 100% on Ubisoft on Game Pass", he starts. "Only got confirmation of Ubisoft's games on Game Pass by year's end. More EA play vault style".

It looks like the company's games will be coming to the pass, but not all of them. Ubisoft+'s current structure allows players to play all Ubisoft games, both new and old.

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Ubisoft Games Coming to Game Pass in 2021
Shpeshal Ed on Discord

Every new Ubisoft game that launches goes straight to the service right away, and it makes sense that the same may not be the case upon joining the Game Pass.

The message is wrapped up by Ed saying "My guess is everything up to an including Immortals [Fenyx Rising]".

Even so, the additions to Game Pass would vastly boost the service's value. The Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, and Rayman franchises to name a few would effortlessly bring gamers to the pass.

Ubisoft Games Coming to Game Pass in 2021
Rayman Origins

Ubisoft games would make the Game Pass a much greater service. It'd go hand-in-hand nicely along with the Bethesda merger, too.

Microsoft boss Phil Spencer also recently confirmed that the Xbox will have Bethesda game exclusivity, and the Game Pass will be getting lots of their titles.

Meanwhile, a big Bethesda broadcast is set to be coming this week from Microsoft.

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