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Two Secret Weapons Confirmed for Modern Warfare x Cold War Season 1

It looks like Modern Warfare has even more weapons to offer, as two secret new unlocks appear in the game.

Although Modern Warfare is last year’s installment of the Call of Duty franchise, the game isn’t done just yet. In fact, thanks to Cold War’s very different playstyle, Modern Warfare fans may well stick with their game for another year at least.

And thankfully, it looks like more content is coming for those that enjoy the older Call of Duty title. Already, two new weapons are appearing in the Modern Warfare files.


However, the new unlocks are currently yet to be revealed officially by Infinity Ward, suggesting that secret new unlocks are coming soon.

New Weapons Leaked for Modern Warfare

Two new guns are creeping into Modern Warfare with the game’s latest update. Although many users believed this install to be purely Cold War-related, it appears that Modern Warfare’s developer isn’t done with the game just yet.

When heading into the game’s Combat Record, players are spotting two new additions to the weapon roster.

In the game’s files, players can spot the Sykov and the CX-9 already added as placeholders. But whether or not these are the guns’ true names remains to be seen.

After all, players are already pointing out that the two guns bear a resemblance to the Makarov pistol and the Scorpion Evo. These popular returning weapons are sure to keep gamers happy after Modern Warfare takes something of a backseat from here on.

The latest Modern Warfare battle pass consists mostly of Cold War content, thanks to the game’s recent integration. And although players can level up their battle pass for Warzone, it feels like a raw deal for Modern Warfare fans.

Is Soap Coming to Modern Warfare?

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these weapons in Modern Warfare. Leaks from November suggested that the Scorpion and Makarov were coming to Modern Warfare.

Untextured versions of both guns have been found in the Modern Warfare files, and players even discovered how to use them in-game. But this wasn’t the only exciting leak suggesting a Modern Warfare Season 7 was coming.

In fact, one of the more hyped up internet leaks suggested that Soap MacTavish would also make a return. Appearing in the game files alongside these two secret weapons, players assume that Soap is still arriving in a future update.

However, if and when the iconic Operator will join the fight, we don’t yet know.

Already, players having encountering issues with Black Ops Cold War Season 1 causing a massive lag spike. What’s more, the game is also barring many users from Multiplayer altogether, thanks to Cold War’s new Zed 398 Swift Clover error.

This is frustrating to all the players who want to drop in and play the new Cold War content. It seems that we’ll have to stick to the new Rebirth Island Warzone map for now.

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