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Two New Special Edition Xbox Series X/S Controllers Are Coming Soon

Breaking the curse of dull-colored Xbox series controllers, two new controllers in exclusive colorways have been announced.

The Xbox Series consoles have been fantastic so far in the latest generation of gaming. Its integration with the Xbox Game Pass has made Microsoft the champion of the casual gamer, and has more than proven that Xbox knows exactly what they're doing with the latest generation.

The games are of course the driving force of gaming, but it certainly helps to have a console that can manage such high-running specs as the Series X can. But, one of the best and most subtle changes to the consoles so far have been the controllers.

Two New Xbox Series X and S Controllers Revealed
The Xbox Series X Console

Slightly grippier handles and a share button might seem like minor changes, but quite frankly, they've made the gaming experience much more streamlined. It's clear that Xbox is meaning to steer gaming into a more collaborative and community-driven experience, and even the controller redesign shows it.

But, the controllers suffer from being a little mundane. As we're not so far into the console generation there hasn't been much time to innovate in the world of design.

So, since launch, beyond the super-fancy red Xbox Series controller, and the Shock Blue controller from launch, fans have been stuck with controllers that match their console's color scheme.

Until now.

Xbox Reveals New Special Edition Series X|S Controllers

In a blog post on Xbox's website, some new and exciting Xbox Series X and S controllers have been revealed. They look incredibly exciting, and they'll no doubt give your gaming experience a little more visual flair.

The controller's color names are Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo.

Electric Volt

The first, Electric Volt, is "inspired by the energy and vibrance often found in athletic apparel and sneaker design". So it's definitely one for you sneakerheads, and will pair up nicely with your FIFA matches.

It uses a new yellow resin that has never been used before in an Xbox controller, and boasts a strong white back and black bumpers.

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Two New Xbox Series X and S Controllers Revealed
The Electric Volt Xbox Series X|S Controller

It's a very striking controller, and one we're hoping to get our hands on. it launches on April 27th, from select retailers and the Microsoft store.

Daystrike Camo

The second controller, Daystrike Camo, is a controller that is a part of a series. The camo series ran through the last generation, with Night Ops Camo and Arctic Camo colorways.

The controller is plastered with reds, greys, and blacks, with a black backing. The controller also uses the textured grip from the controller's bumpers and stretches it all the way over the top of the peripheral. So this controller is truly one of a kind.

Two New Xbox Series X and S Controllers Revealed
The Daystrike Camo Special Edition Xbox Series X|S Controller

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This special edition controller launches on May 4th, so you might have to wait to get your hands on it.

These controllers look great, and we can't wait to get our hands on them.

This isn't the only good news for Xbox fans. Especially those subscribed to the Game Pass.

Recently, after ages of waiting, PC fans finally got some good news. EA Play is now finally on Game Pass for PC!

Plus, according to an insider, Xbox cloud gaming could be coming to PC and iOS very soon.

This news comes with the reveal that Xbox Live is no more. A new Xbox rebrand is phasing it out.

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