MW3 Season 2 is on the way, and the theme seems to be centered around Zombies! In the spirit of the season, one Multiplayer map is receiving an undead makeover, while another is getting a cosmetic change.

Cosmetic map changes are not a new idea in Call of Duty, with the likes of Shipment and Highrise receiving festive Christmas versions in the past.

Now, the horde of the undead is taking over, with lots of Zombies content meshing into the game’s multiplayer modes. Let’s dive into these map updates.

MW3 Cosmetic Map Changes In Season 2

MW3 maps Terminal and Skidrow will be getting a new cosmetic change during the Season 2 update.

Airborne, the name for the new Terminal variant, has been taken over by a virus that has plagued the airport. Tons of bugs, such as cockroaches and locusts, swarm the area.

Skidgrow, the Skidrow variant, has been infested by plant life. Lots of plants are growing throughout, adding a vibrant green color to the landscape.

These maps will be available as part of the upcoming Hordepoint mode, as well as the already released Vortex mode.

MW3 Maps Cosmetic Season 2
Left: Airborne / Right: Skidgrow

Side-by-Side Comparison

When put side-by-side, there is quite a difference when comparing these MW3 maps with their cosmetic Season 2 variants.

Let’s take a look:

Terminal vs. Airborne

As you can see below, there is quite a stark difference in terms of color and brightness. Airborne is undoubtedly a darker map, while Terminal features a bright setting.

Additionally, the walls of Airborne are filled with the virulent plague.

Terminal cosmetic updates MW3 map

Skidrow vs. Skidgrow

The new Skidgrow variant is a lot brighter, thanks to the splashes of green mixed throughout. As you can see below, the regular map is very grey and moody.

This new cosmetic update to this MW3 map in Season 2 will undoubtedly make this location more enjoyable to play on.

Skidrow cosmetic updates MW3 map
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