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Two Great Ideas to Fix Cold War’s Hated Miami Map

The Redditor has had two great ideas to improve Cold War’s Miami – one of the least popular maps in the game.

Players were disappointed that Black Ops Cold War only launched with 8 6v6 maps. What they were even more disappointed with though is the quality of the maps.

Two maps, in particular, Miami and Cartel are still under heavy scrutiny from the player base. Players usually just vote for another map rather than play on them.

While many players enjoy Miami for larger 12v12 game modes, there are two fixes that would make the map so much better for standard 6v6 modes.

How to Fix Cold War’s Miami Map

The first way suggested to improve Miami in Cold War is to do with the time of day. Players would much prefer for the map to be set during the day.

While it may limit the 80s aesthetic of the map, as the neon lights would be less visible during the day, it would be a great improvement for a number of reasons.

The main reason players want to change the map from night to day time is visibility. Spotting enemies is a huge issue in Black Ops Cold War even on well-lit maps, although the best visibility settings for Cold War will definitely help.

Cold War Miami Fix
BraxxIsTheName Reddit

The second major change players have suggested to Cold War’s Miami is making the map smaller. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, players find it annoying how long it takes to run across the map to get to objectives or to get back into the fight after respawning. They also think the map is too big for 6v6 because players are too spread out.

This suggestion cuts out the whole beach area of the map as well as the dock on the other side. The top and bottom of Miami would also be trimmed to players spawn in close to the action and so there is less space for snipers to camp.

Cold War Miami Fix Map
BraxxIsTheName Reddit

Improving Miami in Cold War would help repair the strained relationship between the developer and Call of Duty fanbase. Players are bored with Warzone’s current meta which is ruining the game.

The servers going down on New Year’s Day has also made fans annoyed, along with many glitches appearing. For example, the VTOL scorestreak is glitched and can be useless.

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