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Twitter Plays Pokemon Using A Bizarre New Method

In rather bizarre news, Twitter users are currently involved in a playthrough of Pokemon Red, which is being run in the most unusual way.

Whilst some users might be excited about the likelihood of the Nintendo Switch Pro coming in 2021, some Twitter users are a bit preoccupied.

You might remember the infamous event 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' event, which started in 2014.

A viral social experiment that tasked users with finishing Pokemon Red as a collective.

It involved parsing commands sent by users through the channel's chat room which would then control the character in-game.

However, this led to a frustrating situation due to the nature of sharing the controls with thousands of other users.

Interestingly, however, one Twitter user has managed to create his own version, which we have dubbed "Twitter Plays Pokemon".

Twitter Plays Pokemon

Twitter plays Pokemon is a very unusual turn of events, which recaptures the essence of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Gameloft Montreal programmer Constantin Lietard has created a script that has managed to run Pokemon Red, in the most unusual way.

The script works via updating Lietard's avatar every fifteen seconds, replacing the current avatar with a capture from the game.

The script works by pulling comments every fifteen seconds and the most commented input is then sent to the game.

You can see the tweet here and also contribute yourself if you want to attempt to help or hinder progress:

Twitter so far has submitted a vast amount of replies to the Twitter Pokemon thread.

Lietard seems to be dedicated to refining his craft, adding new functionality, and improving the experience for users.

It's likely that this experiment will keep gaining traction. Knowing how dedicated people can be, it's likely the game will be completed.

So far though, not much progress has been made. If you're a bit of a back-seat gamer, this experiment might not be for you...

New Pokemon Game Coming Soon?

It's certainly an exciting time if you are a Nintendo fan. Not only can you help contribute to this Pokemon Twitter experiment, but you can get excited about the possibility of a new Pokemon game coming soon.

That's right, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes could be announced imminently.

2021 marks the 15th anniversary of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. Which would make it an ideal time to announce these games.

Pokemon Diamond Pearl Remake
Pokemon Diamond Pearl Remake

There are also rumors abound regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro. A recent leak shows an alleged release date for Nintendo's rumored console.

It could be that you can look forward to playing a brand-new Pokemon game on a brand-new piece of hardware.

Interestingly, there are further leaks to suggest that the Nintendo Switch Pro display could be OLED.

Whilst you're waiting for Nintendo to grace us with news of their rumored console, or a new Pokemon game. You could always help other Twitter users with their run-through of Pokemon Red.

Interestingly, yet another leak indicates that there could be a new Mario game on the way soon.

Nintendo is geared up for an exciting year. We will continue to cover Nintendo news and keep you updated on what's coming soon and in the future.

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