How to get viewers on Twitch TV

How to grow viewers on Twitch

Twitch is a huge and growing Platform for streamers with nearly 1.5million concurrent viewers in the last 6 months and $100 million in Streamlabs’ tips projected for 2017. Twitch is a competitive market with nearly 750,000 unique streamers last month, many new smaller channels will be asking the question how to get viewers on Twitch.

Starting a new channel isn’t easy, many streamers will stream for a long time with little to no viewers. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad streamer, the big problem is nobody has found you. Of course there is such a thing as a bad streamer, we will list the tips below to walk you through gaining viewers and followers on Twitch.

We are using the Twitch streamer itsMinxC as our case study and will walk you through how she has gained followers and viewers in a small period of time.

How to get viewers on Twitch tv

itsMinxC started streaming less than a year ago and now sits on 7,381 followers. She is currently a Twitch affiliate but is very close to becoming a Twitch Partner (according to her Stream Summary Dashboard).

Key Points for itsMinxC Twitch Channel Viewer Growth

Initial Growth from 0

  • Grown Twitter and other social media platforms since 2015 – engaged with followers and tweets when live streaming on Twitch. Follows / Tweets Twitch Retweet accounts to help promote streams
  • Networked in Twitter and Discord meeting like minded gamers and Twitch streamers
  • Used attractive stream titles and correctly listed the games being played
  • Professional production with OBS Studio, Elgato, Mic, Webcam and a stream overlay
  • Internet upload speed of at least 2/3MBPS recommended
  • Have props / unique features viewers will remember you by. itsMinxC has a Pikachu theme and toy.
  • Stream on games with less competition, you will appear higher on the stream list and more likely to gain organic views.

Further growth once viewers started appearing

  • Became a Twitch affiliate (can now receive subscribers and bits)
  • Engages with chat and utilizing features on Streamlabs + – Make your audience laugh.
  • Acts on Feedback from viewers (Which games they like, any changes on stream, schedule and times).
  • Increases game library for games to stream
  • Created personalized Emotes from a professional artist
  • Giveaways and sponsored posts to build interest and hype. Also gives back to the community.
  • Share streams in Facebook groups

Future growth

  • Become a Twitch Partner. This is very prestigious and gives the streamer a purple tick. You will receive more features as a broadcaster and viewers are more likely to take a look at your stream
  • Stream more and stay consistent. Listen to viewer feedback
  • Stay enthusiastic with the viewers and chat
  • Don’t be afraid to auto host and raid channels, others may return the favor and will help networking.
  • Moderate your chat with a bot but be careful upgrading viewers to a Mod. Pick just 1 or 2 of your most trusted, loyal viewers.

Follow itsMinxC on Twitch and Twitter and track her growth. As of today she has 7,370 Twitch followers and 8,270 Twitter followers.

itsMinxC Example Stream (Sunday 19th November)

Watch CoD Minxc – WWII TDM Online Multiplayer – Come Hang out from itsMinxC on


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