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Twitch Streamer Banned After Allegedly Threatening to Break His Child’s Neck

One Twitch streamer has been banned from the streaming platform after a new viral clip appears to show the user threatening to break their 3-year-old child’s neck.

Playing high-intensity video games can be a stressful hobby, especially during times like these. However, one Twitch streamer may well have been pushed right to the edge, causing the user to lose his account for good.

In a new viral clip, Twitch streamer KillaMfCam was playing a particularly stress-inducing game of Escape From Tarkov. In this title, dying means starting over with no loot, making it a frustrating end to a run.

escape from tarkov twitch ban
(Source: Battlestate Games)

So frustrating, in fact, that it caused the streamer to fly into a rage on death. And audio from the steamer’s broadcast appears to show the user threatening to break his 3-year-old daughter’s neck when she began to cry.

We’ve seen streamers lose their minds on Twitch before, but this is certainly one of the worse occasions.

KillaMfCam Banned From Twitch After Threats Go Viral

After losing to an enemy in Escape From Tarkov, Twitch streamer KillMfCam’s actions led to a ban from the platform.

Fellow streamer Frizzable claims to be the player who killed the user, leading to KillaMfCam’s outburst. They were also the person responsible for bringing a clip of the streamer’s rage to the attention of others online.

In the video, we can clearly see KillaMfCam getting up from his gaming setup. As he walks off-camera, an audible slap sound is heard, which the user claims was him hitting his dog.

killamfcam twitch ban breaking neck
(Source: KillaMfCam)

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At the same time, a child begins to cry in the background, to which the user replied “I don’t care Riley, shush!” He also asks someone unknown, dog or child, to “stop sh*tting” repeatedly.

There’s a cut in the video shortly after, followed by KillaMfCam getting up from his chair once more.

“God damn you stupid motherf*cker,” the streamer yells. “I f*cking hate you dude. Get the f*ck out of my room bro. Get out. Go. Get the f*ck out of my room. Get out. I’m gonna break your f*cking neck dude”

Twitch Streamer Protests Their Ban

Shortly after the clip was posted, the user’s Twitch account received a ban. However, the streamer is protesting their innocence on Twitter.

killamfcam tweets
(Source: Twitter)

In a stream of tweets, KillaMfCam calls the clip both edited and slander, claiming that his yelling was directed entirely at his dog. The user apologizes for the way they reacted but wants readers to know that their actions were not directed at their child.

Whether the claims are true or not, KillaMfCam does confess to hitting their dog twice. This, plus their threat seems like it gave Twitch grounds for the ban regardless of who it was directed at.

This isn’t the only Twitch user to meet the ban-hammer recently, as professional Fortnite streamer Clix is also banned from the platform.

Meanwhile, users such as xQc, Pokelawls, and Mizkif recently went offline on Twitch, thanks to the Texas freak weather conditions.

And if you’re looking for more social media drama, NICKMERCS recently took on G2 Esports in an epic Twitter fight.

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