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Twitch’s New PogChamp Emote Is a Komodo Dragon

Twitch finally has a definitive new PogChamp emote, and it’s the face of a Komodo Dragon.

The time has finally come, and Twitch viewers have elected a new official PogChamp emote. The position has been in flux for around a month, and now we have an official replacement to the face of Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez.

For those unaware, PogChamp is an emote that Twitch users utilize to express excitement, joy, or shock.

The original face of PogChamp was that of Ryan Gutierrez, but the iconic reaction was removed by Twitch in January due to comments made by the user’s social media accounts during the storming of the US Capitol.

pogchamp contenders twitch
(Source: Twitch)

Since then, Twitch has been rotating a different streamer’s face under the PogChamp title every 24 hours. However some fans have raised concerns about harrassment when becoming the face of PogChamp.

Now though, the streaming service is settling on a new face of PogChamp – and it’s one that should avoid controversy.

KomodoHype Is Twitch’s New PogChamp Emote

That’s right, the new permanent PogChamp is none other than KomodoHype, the face of a Komodo Dragon.

In a recent Twitch stream that took place on February 12, viewers voted for their winner, with KomodoHype coming out on top in a landslide victory.

The final vote was between American Twitch streamer UmiNoKaiju and KomodoHype, with the lizard taking 81% of the total submissions.

twitch komodohype pogchamp
(Source: Twitch)

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Given that this new PogChamp isn’t tied to an actual person’s identity, we’re betting that Twitch is glad to be free of controversy, at least in this instance.

The streaming service issued a PSA, informing users of the new decision. From now on, KomodoHype will be present under both its original name, and the PogChamp emote.

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