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xQc, Pokelawls, and Mizkif Go Offline on Twitch, Thanks to Texas Storms

A huge slew of Twitch streams went offline last night, due to a severe storm in Texas.

While the weather has been pretty rough since the start of the year, nobody could have predicted the brutal storms that hit Texas last night.

The huge storm has forced the state of Texas into an official state of emergency, as it has wiped the power out for many residents.

Texas Storm Twitch Streams down
Texas' Storm

It just so happened that some of those residents happened to be streaming on Twitch at the time.

It's not like Twitch needs any more problems right now. Negativity is breeding on the platform right now, with Faze's NICKMERCS battling with G2 Esports on Twitter, and NRG's Clix being permanently banned.

But last night, Twitch lost some of its biggest personalities to a chaotic storm.

Texas' Brutal Storm Takes Out Twitch Streamers

Last night's brutal storm that raged through Texas forced the state into a state of emergency for the first time in history, and has caused flight cancellations and injuries.

It was also a big inconvenience for Twitch. The storm has created mass power outages across the state.

It means that a huge collection of Twitch streamers who were online at the time of the outages were taken out live on air.

Rising star xQc was one of the most notable live drops. His stream cut out abruptly, and he followed up the shutdown with a short statement on Twitter.

xQc Texas storm twitch drop


He then followed the tweet up with another, indicating that it had gone down again after his previous tweet.

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Another streamer Pokelawls was also taken out by the storm, but he reacted in a much less dramatic fashion.

After his stream was cut short by the power outage, he tweeted "Powers out damb". Succinct.

Co-founder of the OTK network Mizkif was another streamer taken out by the power outage. However, he used it to his advantage in a stealthy plug.

In his tweet mentioning the power outage, he links to his merch store in the process, announcing he'd give away a sweatshirt for every 100 retweets the post received. Sneaky.

Twitch Streamer Reacts To Power Outages

While streams were vanishing across the platform, popular Twitch streamer Ludwig was there to react to the fallout.

In a clip of his stream posted to the LivestreamFail subreddit, Ludwig laughs on as the Texan streams are taken offline.

"Everyone in Texas?" he laughs. "It's just me now! xQc, Poke and Miz, they all ate s***!"

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He clowns on the streamers who mocked him for living in LA. "Who's the last king remaining on the hill?" he boasts. "That's right, it's your boy, Ludwig."

It's a funny moment, but it's a shame for the streamers that have been taken offline. Fingers crossed they'll get their power back soon and be back online in no time.

Streaming news has been stacking up recently, especially with Ninja now providing an update after claiming he'd quit Fortnite.

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