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Twitch Streamer 4Conner Exposed for Racist, Transphobic Messages, Kicked Out of House

Twitch streamer 4Conner is in hot water after screenshots of him sending racist, anti-Semitic, and transphobic Discord messages came to light.

Recently, Twitch user 4Conner has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Not long ago, the user was part of a livestream with a collection of major streamers who were taking shelter from the Texas storms.

In that livestream, 4Conner came under fire for his out-of-touch comments, regarding the ongoing struggle to stay warm. As people struggle throughout the state, the user was called out for stating that all humans need to survive is food, water, and heat.

twitch ban
(Source: Twitch)

4Conner attests that he could survive weeks now that he has a blanket, and denied the fact that being in a $2.5 million house was any different from any other home, when the power isn’t on.

Hopefully, 4Conner still has his blanket. Because now, the streamer is no longer welcome in that house – thanks to some recent comments.

4Conner’s Racist, Transphobic, Anti-Semitic, Sexist Discord Messages

Following this interaction, new messages from 4Conner came to light. In screenshots of a Discord server, the user is seen sharing racist, transphobic, sexist, and anti-Semitic messages in some highly-offensive screenshots.

It wasn’t long afterward that Mizkif took action, and decided to kick 4Conner out of his house.

“I am going to let you know that… I have made the decision, myself, I have talked about it to Conner and… Conner is no longer allowed at my house, ever again,” the streamer announced on Twitch.

Mizkif Kicks Out 4Conner
(Source: Mizkif, 4Conner)

As for 4Conner, the user is responding to the situation by deleting his Twitter account. He also addressed his fans on Twitch, in a video where he states that this is “not who I am.”

“It’s not who I am. It is who I was, right. I was never racist, I was never transphobic, I was never homophobic, right. It was all… in my head, it was all jokes.”

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4Conner states that it’s hard for him to associate himself with those messages. But the user admits that he was wrong to act in that way.

4Conner Offensive Discord Messages

Some viewers were quick to point out that some of 4Conner’s Discord messages were only around a year old. Many believe that this isn’t quite enough time to not be that same person, even after leaving that server.

We’re not willing to post everything that 4Conner posted here. However, some users have created an imgur compilation of the problematic messages.

Recently, we saw a fellow Twitch streamer banned after allegedly threatening to break his child’s neck. We imagine that a similar ban will be heading 4Conner’s way in the coming days.

Meanwhile, in far lighter news, NICKMERCS just shut down G2 Esports in a Twitter fight.

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