The Fortnite Triggerfish quests will task players to go around the map and talk with multiple NPCs, including Turk and Riptide.

The goal of these challenges is to save the Coral Buddies and bring them home but to do so; you will need to do some investigative work. Additionally, you will earn 30,000 XP for each of these tasks you complete.

One of the first steps is to speak with Turk and Riptide. Here is where you can find these NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3.

Turk & Riptide Fortnite Locations

Turk and Riptide are at the top of the Fortnite map by the Berg Barge Landmark. This is north of Shady Stilts alongside the coastline.

  1. Turk will find himself on the water’s edge west of the cargo boat.
  2. Riptide will find itself on the land south of the cargo boat.

However, you will not be done with Turk and Riptide once you talk to them. Later in the quest line, you must challenge one of these NPCs to a duel.

Turk Riptide Fortnite locations

How to Challenge Turk or Riptide to a Duel in Fortnite

To challenge Riptide or Turk to a duel in Fortnite, shoot or damage them to turn them hostile. Every NPC in Fortnite is friendly until the player deals damage to them.

This will then start a duel where you must eliminate the NPC before they can eliminate you. Make sure you have full health and shield before initiating the battle.

After dueling with one of these two NPCs, you will earn 30,000 XP to go toward your Fortnite level and learn more about the Coral Buddies!

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