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Tsareena Coming for Free to Pokemon Unite, Release Date Confirmed

You won’t have to pay for the newest free Pokemon Unite challenger Tsareena when it drops next week.

Pokemon Unite has yet another character on the way, and this one is a bit of a niche pick. Coming from Pokemon Sun and Moon, Tsareena is known as the Fruit Pokemon, and is the final evolution of Bounsweet.

It seems that all the rumors were true, and Tsareena will indeed be dropping into Pokemon Unite for free!

However, given that this leak is now confirmed, we already know the next few Pokemon too!

Take a look at Dragonite, Blaziken, and more coming to Pokemon Unite here!

Pokemon Unite Tsareena Leak

Pokemon Unite: Tsareena Trailer and Release Date

It appears that Tsareena already has a new trailer and release date, with the Pokemon Unite Japanese Twitter account getting there early.

According to a new post, Tsareena’s release date is December 9 for Pokemon Unite. And excitingly, the new Pokemon will be completely free!

Like Greedent before it, it appears that players will be able to take part in a special campaign to earn themselves a Tsareena Unite License.

There will likely be a series of challenges to complete before unlocking the Pokemon, although Tsareena will also be available to purchase right away, should you prefer.

We can’t wait to see where Tsareena stacks up on the latest Pokemon Unite tier list!

Pokemon Unite Tsareena Release Date

Interestingly, Pokemon Unite’s latest addition got the balancing just right. But previously, new characters coming to Pokemon Unite have all been extremely overpowered.

Take a look at the trailer for Tsareena in Pokemon Unite below. It seems that the Pokemon will specialize in 1-on-1 combat, especially with their Queen Aerial Unite move.

Lately, it seems that many Pokemon Unite players don’t know about the new Zapdos and Drednaw changes. Be sure to do your research before returning to the MOBA.

But is Pokemon Unite better on mobile or Nintendo Switch? We think we finally have an answer to the question.

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