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Watch a Troll Throw Their PS5 in an Industrial Shredder

The PS5 might be notoriously difficult to get hold of, but that isn’t stopping one troll from tossing their new purchase right into an industrial shredder.

In a new video that’s terrorizing Sony fans everywhere, one new PS5 owner decides to get rid of their new device in the most brutal way possible. Destroying a new piece of hardware at launch has always been a common occurrence, but it takes a real effort to rid yourself of a PS5.

And we’re not talking about the emotional toll either. Judging by the new video, Sony’s latest release is pretty hard to break apart.

Troll throws PS5 in industrial shredder
(Source: Sony)

That’s why one internet troll has brought in an industrial shredder to help them accomplish the task. Not only is the machine able to crunch up the console, it even turns it into some little metal confetti.

Destroying a PS5 With an Industrial Shredder

In the following clip, one troll tosses their new PS5 into what appears to be the world’s worst industrial shredder. Despite the giant metal grinders, the PS5 takes almost a full minute to be destroyed in full.

This leads to the troll having to repeatedly take parts out of the shredder, which keeps jamming. However, this only serves to draw out the poor console’s torture even longer.

(Source: Sony)

To carelessly throw away a device that sells for hundreds of dollars, we can only imagine that the person behind the camera is a scalper (or a hardcore Xbox fan). Recently, we saw that one PS5 scalper group has over 3500 PS5 consoles to resell.

And despite PS5 console sales continuing to dominate the market, there are very few units left to find. We’re sure the same will be said for the new PSVR2, which is possibly coming soon.

As one Reddit commenter points out, the PS5 must be made out of some good quality material to survive so long in a shredder. Either that or the troll’s grinding machine is simply no good.

Still, the hilarious user offers to sell their PS5 scraps to anyone looking for the world’s most complicated jigsaw puzzle. This reminds us of the PS4 launch day video where a man smashes the console in front of a crowd waiting in line for their new hardware.

Like back then, viewers don’t really care how trolls choose to waste their time and money. But it’s always good to carry on a tradition, we suppose.

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