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Triple-A Titles Receive Major Performance Updates On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch sometimes takes a bit of flak from those who don’t understand its appeal. As a portable console hybrid, the Switch doesn’t boast the same level of power as Sony and Microsoft’s flagship consoles.

This is most noticeable when a triple-A title makes the jump to Switch. But now, thanks to some major performance updates, some triple-A games have been given a much-needed boost.

The first is the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has received it’s 3.7 patch. The update provides several changes, but most of all offers considerable “overall stability improvements.”

To be fair to the Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch, as wonderful as it is to have the game on Nintendo’s handheld, it’s clearly the weakest version.

That’s not to say it’s a lousy port; it isn’t. But anyone who has played the game elsewhere may struggle to get past the obvious visual downgrade it’s been given to fit on the Switch.

The second game to be given an update on the Nintendo Switch is The Outer Worlds. This excellent mash-up between Borderlands and Fallout is developed by Obsidian, of Fallout: New Vegas fame.

It too made major compromises to facilitate its release on the Nintendo Switch. The visuals suffered most, although the game is still highly playable and works well with the console’s portability.  

The official Outer Worlds Twitter account assured fans that an update would fix many of their concerns. They also revealed that the new and improved game would go on sale today too!

Are Updates On To Switch Games Needed?

Despite the updates on the Nintendo Switch versions, the Witcher 3 and The Outer Worlds will never look as good on the hybrid as they do on other consoles or PC. No amount of updates will fix that, though each update is welcome.

It would also be unreasonable to expect them to match up, but most importantly, they don’t need to. The Switch isn’t about power or eye-popping visuals – it’s about convenience and fun.

Nobody can deny the success of the Nintendo Switch; the sales figures don’t lie. This baffles gamers who routinely obsess about pixel count and frames per second, but Nintendo knows their audience.

They also know that many gamers are busy people looking for novel ways to incorporate gaming into their lives. The older we get, the more responsibility we seemingly need to shoulder.

Nintendo Switch Console

The True Value Of Switch Ports

This makes fitting in valued gaming time tougher and tougher and our backlog of unplayed titles grows. The Nintendo Switch has the antidote to ease this stress.

It gives gamers a chance to do some monster hunting with Geralt while the kids watch TV. Or finish that Gorgon questline while in bed at night. Or perhaps we’ll finally finish that Skyrim DLC we never got around to playing on a flight.

This is what the Switch offers. It’s triple-A gaming with a compromise, but it’s still triple-A gaming, and many gamers are okay with that. But updates on Nintendo Switch games certainly help.

The Witcher 3 is one of the most celebrated RPGs of all time, and the Switch allows gamers to play it on the go. This is quite a feat.

These updates on the Nintendo Switch are telling though; it’s clear that Nintendo is keen to expand the Nintendo Switch’s potential as a triple-A gaming device. Something they’ll need to do if they’re going to keep up with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It also gives us an insight into Nintendo’s plans for the Nintendo Switch Pro and what this will be like. More and more rumors about the successor to the Nintendo Switch have been swirling this year, and it seems like a new console is inevitable.