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Treyarch Trolls Black Ops Cold War Dataminers With Rick Astley

It seems that Treyarch is attempting to troll Black Ops Cold War data miners with a classic Rick Astley music video.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta is reaching its conclusion, and players everywhere have been able to experience the latest Treyarch shooter. However, not all fans downloading the game are doing so to play it.

As always, data miners are working their way through the Cold War game files. In an effort to see what’s upcoming with Black Ops Cold War, some users have been taking a closer look at the hidden files.

(Source: Treyarch)

It seems that Treyarch was expecting them, though, and several controversial features were left as bait.

Treyarch Is Trolling Cold War Dataminers

Those who delve into the game’s files will discover that both loot boxes and microtransactions are set to make an appearance. Or so it would seem at first glance.

Config files for both controversial features are hiding in the game’s files, but they’re simply jokes by Treyarch. Each one comes with a hidden link, the source of which is the classic Rick Astley video: “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

The video was a popular internet meme for many years, with over 782 million views to date. The joke entails a bait-and-switch where a user expects something else but gets tricked into clicking the link to Astley’s song.

However, while some Call of Duty fans find this attempt at trolling amusing, others aren’t so happy. Treyarch’s attempt at humor may well just have backfired on the developer.

Why Cold War Players Are Angry at the Joke

Finding a ‘Rickroll’ is always a little rage-inducing, but some fans are genuinely angry at Treyarch for this move. The reason for this isn’t due to the trick, but rather due to the developer’s past actions.

Black Ops 4 was Treyarch’s last title before Cold War, and the game was infamous for being riddled with microtransactions. Now, the developers have the nerve to joke about the system as if it were unthinkable that paid content might be in the game.

In previous installments of Black Ops games, players were sometimes even able to find exclusive weapons in loot boxes. This hugely upsets the balance of a multiplayer shooter by locking away guns.

It also divides the player base into those willing to pay the extra money and those that aren’t.

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(Source: Treyarch)

What’s more, while microtransactions aren’t in Black Ops Cold War yet, it doesn’t mean they won’t be coming. As with Black Ops 4, Treyarch could be waiting until all reviews are in, and the game releases before unleashing the paid DLC.

Users on Reddit are quick to turn on Treyarch lately, and the comment section has taken a toxic turn:

“Haha so funny! The company that plagued Call of Duty with loot boxes and ridiculous microtransactions has a sense of humor about said predatory business practices!”

jfazz_squadleader on Reddit

Fans are already complaining about Black Ops’ Beta, thanks to a range of problems. However, Black Ops Cold War players want SBMM changed more than any other issue.

Personally, though, we’d settle for a fix to the players already using aimbots and wallhacks in Black Ops Cold War.