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Treyarch Responds to Black Ops Cold War Bricking Xbox Series X Consoles

According to online reports, a new issue with Black Ops Cold War is bricking Xbox Series X consoles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one of Xbox Series X’s most popular games. Unfortunately, that means that many players are at risk of losing their new console altogether.

According to reports from Black Ops Cold War players, the game appears capable of bricking the Xbox Series X completely. This disastrous bug is leading to players left with a dead Xbox Series X and a lot of frustration.

(Source: Xbox)

Those that were unable to secure their new Xbox might be in luck. After all, this proves that sometimes it’s not good to get a new technology at launch.

If you’re experiencing issues with Black Ops Cold War on the Xbox Series X, it may be best to leave the game until all issues are fixed.

Black Ops Cold War Is Bricking Xbox Series X

Reddit user Junesfoshiz recently posted on the game’s subreddit regarding his Black Ops Cold War experience. According to the Call of Duty fan, playing Cold War was causing their Xbox Series X to crash.

This would happen roughly every 4-5 games initially, but eventually, the console wouldn’t turn on at all. The Xbox Series X was completely bricked by the game, despite being in an open space with plenty of breathing room.

Black Ops Cold War Bricking Xbox Series X
(Source: Treyarch)

Some users suggest that the problem can be fixed by ensuring that you’re playing the correct version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Next-gen consoles are notoriously unclear about whether you’re actually running the next-gen version of your games, after all.

Other players also suggest that disabling the Xbox Series X’s Ray Tracing capabilities will fix crashing issues. While it’s unfortunate that you won’t be able to use the Xbox to its full potential, it’s better to have a working console at the end of the day.

Treyarch Responds to the Xbox Issues

Treyarch’s Community Manager, known on Reddit as FoxhoundFPS, took notice of the issue. However, the user’s issue isn’t particularly helpful:

“Generally speaking, we’re investigating all crashes and across the game,” the Community Manager writes. “We outline to contact our Player Support so that you can share details with them and they collate the feedback.”

The Treyarch employee also recommends both checking your game version and disabling Ray Tracing for the time being.

(Source: Treyarch)

If you’re a Call of Duty fan experiencing issues with your Series X, we’d recommend putting the game to one side until Treyarch comes out with a new patch. This might be hard to do, as the new Black Ops Cold War Nuketown map drops today.

The new Cold War Nuketown has an Easter egg for players to discover in-game too. Alongside this, there’s a brand-new 24/7 Nuketown playlist to enjoy.

At the same time, though, you really don’t want to brick your Xbox Series X when there are no more in stock. Getting a replacement console is going to be rough until the Xbox Series X stock is replenished.

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