Treyarch Studios have started advertising job opportunities for game developers and designers to work on Call of Duty Zombies.

The job applications are advertising a number of roles to join the development team including:

  • Lead Zombies Game Designer
  • Lead Zombies Gameplay Engineer
  • Senior Zombies Gameplay Engineer
  • Senior Level Designer (Zombies)
  • Senior Game Designer (Zombies)

The game studio is currently working on the 2024 release of Call of Duty and seems to be expanding its Zombies department. Although, fans may get Zombies content sooner than they expect!

But before there is any new Zombies content released, Treyarch are currently working on a new feature coming to Modern Warfare 2!

The new roles up for hire could be a sign that Treyarch is looking to make their next Zombies experience bigger and better than the last!

One of these roles includes a contribution to “ideation on everything from Wonder Weapons to New Perks” hinting that these will be returning to the popular game mode.

These new listings can be found live on Hitmarker and are currently open for people to apply.

When Are Zombies Returning To Call of Duty?

Call of Duty Zombies will likely return in 2024 when Treyarch Studios releases its next COD title. Call of Duty games released by the game studio are synonymous with this fan-favorite addition.

Every Treyarch COD game since Call of Duty: World at War has contained the Zombies game mode.

The studio last worked on Zombies in Call of Duty Vanguard as they stepped away from the classic round-based system before returning to it later in the game’s cycle.

These new job listings confirm that Zombies is on its way and will return to the first-person shooter.

Zombies are one of Treyarch’s main selling points with the mode cultivating a large and dedicated community.

So this news will surely make the fan base excited for the next Call of Duty game!

Unfortunately, fans will need to wait longer for the next iteration as MW2 is set to have a two-year game cycle.

The second year of MW2 will reportedly feature some old-school Call of Duty maps coming as paid DLC.

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