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Treyarch Confirms Black Ops Cold War Will Have Ranked Play

After two months on the market, Treyarch confirms that Black Ops Cold War will get Ranked Play before too long.

Black Ops Cold War has been out for a significant portion of its year-long lifespan. And despite many calls from fans, the game is still yet to bring a Ranked mode to its online Multiplayer.

Many users believe that Cold War would benefit from a Ranked mode simply because of their hatred for SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking). The general consensus is that, should a Ranked Play be introduced, Treyarch would remove SBMM from Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Ranked Play Confirmed
(Source: Activision)

This would lead to lobbies of mixed skill levels, with all the hardcore players who want the competition battling it out in Ranked Play instead. Now, of course, Ranked Play likely wouldn’t be the saving grace that most people think it is.

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But it seems we won’t have to wait long to see what it does bring to the game.

Black Ops Cold War Confirms Ranked Play Is Coming

Right after launch, professional Call of Duty player Scump criticized Cold War for releasing without a Ranked playlist. Shortly thereafter, Treyarch Director David Vonderhaar made a rather passive-aggressive reply that indicated that Ranked Play was indeed coming.

However, it’s now been almost two months since the comment was made, with no more details about Ranked Play in sight. Many fans have likely forgotten about the interaction entirely, but there’s new hope for us all.

In a recent comment by Community Manager Josh Torres, we finally hear confirmation about the feature’s development. In a new post on Reddit discussing the absence of a competitive playlist, Torres had this to say:

“Yes. Ranked Play will be a thing. I currently don’t have a timetable to share with you, however.”

It’s a shame that the Community Manager couldn’t share more about what kind of wait fans are looking at. However, we can take this as assurance that Ranked Play is coming to Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Ranked Mode
(Source: Activision)

Of course, Treyarch still has many issues to work on with the popular FPS title. One such issue is the popular Black Ops Cold War Gung-Ho glitch that is still annoying players.

Black Ops Cold War also has a bug that’s preventing bullets from registering. If you’ve ever missed a shot that was dead-on, you’re not the only one.

Right now, the developer is likely too busy working on the teased new Zombies content for Cold War’s 115 Day. Despite being only a couple of days away, we still don’t know what’s to come in the new update.

But gamers will be able to play Black Ops Cold War Zombies for free all week long.

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