The Treasure Goblin is the most important enemy that Diablo 4 players want to encounter because of its incredible loot drops and rewards.

Fans of the series are likely already well acquainted with the Treasure Goblins since they’ve been in past Diablo games, but in Diablo IV, they seem to be very rare.

Thankfully, their rewards are worth the time it takes to encounter one, and there are even events that guarantee you’ll encounter a few.

What Are Treasure Goblins?

Treasure Goblins in Diablo IV are enemies that spawn randomly throughout Sanctuary and drop extremely rare loot when defeated.

The rewards that drop from these enemies include Legendary items and large amounts of resources. Players can use these Legendary times or convert them into Abstruse Sigils or Coiling Wards.

These goblins will not engage the player and will actually begin to run away when you approach them. If you don’t defeat them in time, they’ll cast a portal and disappear forever.

This is why finding a Treasure Goblin out in the open does not guarantee you its drops. You’ll need to maintain a constant attack to defeat them to reap the rewards.

Treasure Goblin Fleeing Diablo 4

Where to Find Treasure Goblins

Treasure Goblins spawn randomly throughout all the different areas of Diablo 4. It is even possible to encounter them in Dungeons or Cellars.

They’ll appear on your map when you are near them as a small goblin icon with a treasure bag. If you don’t see them, it’s easier to hear them first.

Treasure Goblin Icon Diablo 4
The Treasure Goblin icon on the mini map.

These Treasure Goblins are loud and have a unique sound that players when you are near one. It resembles the jangling of a large coin purse.

There really is no best place to find Treasure Goblins due to the randomness of their spawn, but one streamer did find that some Cellar will trigger an event with multiple Treasure Goblins.

You can see this happening in the video below.

How to Defeat a Treasure Goblin Quickly

The best way to defeat a Treasure Goblin is to use crowd control attacks to stun or slow them and then use any powerful single-target skills at your disposal.

If you have skills that can guarantee an Overpower, then aim to use those as often as possible. You want to deal as much damage as possible to these Treasure Goblins before they have the chance to run away.

Unfortunately, Treasure Goblins will sometimes obtain the “Unstoppable” passive, which appears above their head as a broken chain.

Unstoppable Icon

When this happens, they are immune to crowd control effects. This is usually when they try to make their escape.

Sometimes you’ll encounter large groups of enemies near the Treasure Goblin, so it’s useful to play alongside a party to have everyone contribute and help you catch the goblin.

What Happens If Treasure Goblin Runs Away?

If a Treasure Goblin runs away while you chase it, it disappears forever. There is no way to bring back that specific goblin, so you’ll need to explore until one randomly spawns again.

You’ll know a Treasure Goblin is about to disappear when they stand still for a short while. They will successfully get away if they conjure a portal during this time.

This is why it’s important to keep an eye out for them and only approach them when you are ready to engage. If your abilities are on cooldown, then keep a safe distance not to trigger its flee mechanic.

When a Treasure Goblin begins to flee, players can follow the trail of gold they leave behind if they happen to lose track of them. This is easier than just keeping an eye on the map.

Treasure Goblin Drops & Rewards

The Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4 drop a variety of rare items, and they have an increased chance of dropping Legendary Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry.

Diablo 4 Rewards Treasure Goblin

This is why the Treasure Goblins are one of the most sought-after enemies in the game.