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Trailer For New Warzone Map Leaks & Reveals 1980s Verdansk Setting

The new Warzone map could be coming soon, but a new trailer leak shows that it could be a totally unexpected setting.

Warzone has had one main map ever since it launched – Verdansk. The game has been out for over a year and the only new map was the mini-sized Rebirth Island.

However, many reliable leaks in the past showed what we thought would be the new Warzone map.

It was first reported back in January that the new map would be set in the Ural Mountains, where the Fireteam maps from Cold War are. This was then followed by the first image of the new Warzone map.

Even more details like an increased player count for the Ural Mountains map and even a leak revealing the entire layout of the possible new map followed.

However, a new trailer leak could show that all of this information was false.


New Warzone Map Commercial Leaks

Yesterday, a trailer for the possible new Warzone map made its way online before it should have been released. This sent shockwaves across the Call of Duty community as it seemed to disprove all of the previous map leaks.

The commercial, featuring rappers like Young Thug and Jack Harlow shows that the next Warzone map will be a 1980s version of Verdansk. The trailer has since been taken down, however, footage of Verdansk landmarks from the past is still available to watch below.

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The trailer shows what Stadium looked like when it was under construction, and also a bridge where Dam is. The commercial also gives players a look at both Downtown and TV Station with a 1980s makeover.

Additionally, it shows off some new map locations like the Duga-2 Radar from Black Ops 2 and a mineshaft area. These additions will hopefully satisfy the Warzone players who were hoping for an entirely new map.

Since the trailer leak, VGC has reported that they believe this will be the next Warzone map and not the Ural Mountains, as previously thought. VGC previously revealed the release date of the new Warzone map too.

But first, find out the latest leaked details about the upcoming ‘Destruction of Verdasnk’ nuke event. The new map will finally arrive after the end of Verdansk.

Meanwhile, Warzone players have spotted missiles flying overhead. This is the latest hint that Verdansk could be under attack soon.

Also, the new Warzone map will hopefully come with an update that fixes one of the many major problems in Warzone.

Finally, a leaker has revealed all of the future spawn locations for Zombies in Warzone. Find out where to fight the undead next.

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