If you want to enjoy the new Chapter 4 update to the max, you’ll want to get your hands on a Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike in Fortnite.

Trail Thrasher Dirt Bikes are must-have items in Fortnite Chapter 4. After all, with fewer roads to rely on in our hastily-fused together Chapter 4 map, you’ll find that cars are a lot less reliable this time around.

However, Dirt Bikes will not only let you get around in style, they’re relatively unaffected by the environment and can even drive up steep slopes with ease.

And to make them even better, players can even shoot while dodging bullets with the vehicle’s high speed. The Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike is an extremely effective vehicle, even in combat, and now we know where to find them.

Where to Find Dirt Bike Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4

The Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike is a common spawn around the Fortnite Chapter 4 map, appearing at almost all POIs around the island. Usually, you’ll find these vehicles at the edge of a POI, near the roads, and often accompanied by a second bike.

GamingIntel can confirm that while Dirt Bikes have set locations where they can spawn, they will not spawn in the same locations every time.

Where to Find a Dirt Bike in Fortnite

However, head to one of Fortnite’s 3 remaining Gas Stations and you’ve got a good chance at finding a Dirt Bike right after spawning! In our testing, bikes seemed to spawn at a Gas Station more often than not, although it’s still not 100% guaranteed.

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Dirt Bike Controls in Fortnite

  • Square / X / E – Get On/Off the Trail Thrasher
  • X / A / Space Bar – Jump (Hold to Charge Up)
  • R3 / Right Analog Stick / Left CTRL – Switch Seat
  • Circle / B / Left Shift – Power Slide (With Directional Input) or Trick
  • Down on D-Pad / B – Honk

You can also shoot while riding, simply by selecting the weapon you want to shoot and pressing R2/RT/Left Click as normal. You can even turn while shooting, despite your character using both hands on their weapon of choice.

How to Do Tricks on Dirt Bike in Fortnite

How to Do Tricks on Fortnite Dirt Bikes

To do a trick on your Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike, press and hold Circle/B/Left Shift while your bike is in the air. You can also rotate the bike with your analog stick or movement keys while performing the trick.

To get bigger air, hold X/A/Space Bar, and release to launch your bike into the sky.

On top of that, pressing Circle/B/Left Shift button on the ground and turning the bike in any direction will result in a Power Slide. Pressing the button with no direction will result in a wheelie.

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