Warzone 2 has a new April Fools’ mode for players to enjoy and while it claims to be ‘Totally the Same’ there are a few major changes fans should know about.

Warzone 2: All Changes in Totally the Same BR

  • Low Gravity
  • No Fall Damage
  • No Damage From Friendly Lethal Equipment
  • Buy Stations Contain Unobtainable ‘Build and Arm a Nuke’
  • Gulag Weapons Are Crossbows and Dual Kodachi
  • Infinite Gulags

Low Gravity

In Totally the Same BR, Warzone 2 players will permanently experience low gravity, allowing them to jump higher and further.

This low gravity environment also affects projectiles such as grenades. And while your own lethal equipment will no longer damage you, explosives can be used to propel you into the air!

Finally fall damage no longer applies even when dropping into the game. Players can dive off buildings freely without fear of taking damage, and can even race enemies to the ground by refusing to pull their parachutes.

Diving in Warzone 2

Build and Arm a Nuke

But even more exciting is a new addition to the Warzone 2 Buy Stations. When using a Buy Station, players can now choose to ‘Build and Arm a Nuke’.

However, the Nuke Field Upgrade will always cost just a bit more cash than you have on hand, making it impossible to purchase.

Unfortunately, you won’t be purchasing a Nuke from the Warzone 2 Buy Stations in this April Fools event. However, you can still earn Nukes in the usual way in Warzone 2!

Build and Arm a Nuke Warzone 2 April Fools

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Gulag Changes

Finally, Gulag fights will give both players Crossbows and Dual Kodachi – every single time.

What’s more, as long as you keep winning, you’ll get infinite trips to the Gulag throughout the game. Players can only be eliminated by losing their Gulag 1v1 or by dying when the Gulag is closed.

Since low gravity still applies in the 1v1 arena, players can use it to get the drop on opponents while putting themselves at risk of being an easy target.

Crossbow in Warzone 2 & MW2

And players can also enjoy Double XP while playing Totally the Same BR all weekend!

Totally the Same Battle Royale End Date & Time

Warzone 2’s April Fools’ mode ‘Totally the Same’ Battle Royale will be leaving the game on April 4 at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET / 8 AM BST.


Totally the Same BR will leave Warzone 2 in .

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