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Top 5 Secondary Weapons in Warzone Revealed by Xclusive Ace

Find out the best secondary weapons in Warzone to use in your Ghost loadout.

While primary weapons get most of the attention in Warzone, sidearms are still very important in certain scenarios.

Choosing a secondary weapon instead of running the Overkill perk allows players to choose the Ghost perk instead. This lets players stay off the mini-map when enemies call in UAVs.

Call of Duty YouTuber has revealed his list of the top 5 secondary weapons in Warzone. This will help you make sure your Ghost loadouts are still competitive.

Akimbo and Dual Wield Pistols in Warzone

Xclusive Ace believes that 4 of the top 5 secondary weapons in Warzone are Dual Wield or Akimbo pistols. These are all very effective at close range.

Rather controversially, Xclusive Ace rules out any launchers for his top 5 secondary weapons in Warzone list. JackFrags might disagree with this, considering he dubbed this launched the most underrated weapon in Warzone.

Dual Wield (or Akimbo) weapons are high damage but low accuracy. They are all very solid options for close-range gunfights but require a bit of luck.

magnum Black Ops Cold War Warzone

In 5th place on XClusve Ace’s list is the Dual Wield Magnums (Cold War) which players are asking to be nerfed. Meanwhile, the Akimbo Snakeshot Magnum (Modern Warfare) comes in at 4th place. Heavy hitting, but with a reasonable fire rate, both pairs of magnums pack a punch.

The 3rd best secondary weapon in Warzone is the rapid-firing Dual Wield Diamattis, despite getting substantially nerfed recently. Players using the best Diamatti loadout in Warzone will still be able to quickly take down players at close-range.

The Akimbo M19 then comes in 2nd place. Many players overlook the default Warzone pistol, but it can be very powerful when wielding two of them.

However, Xclusive Ace says there is one runaway winner for the best secondary weapon in Warzone, and it’s not a dual-wield or akimbo sidearm.

Diamatti Is the Best Secondary Weapon in Warzone

Wielding just one Diamatti means that the DPS is much lower than when dual wielding, however, you have much better accuracy. This is what makes it such a powerful secondary.

Xclusive Ace warns that the Diamatti still isn’t a replacement for a primary weapon, however, you still have a chance of winning when using a Diamatti against a primary weapon.

It takes just three bursts to down an enemy, or only two if you get a few headshots.

Watch Xclusive Ace’s video below to see all of the best class setups for the top secondary weapons in Warzone.

Xclusive Ace YouTube

Meanwhile, cheating is still a huge problem in Warzone. Use these tips to help remove cheaters from your lobbies.

Even content creators like Dr Disrespect have weighed in on the hacking crisis which is ruining Warzone at the moment. Luckily, Activision has promised to fix cheating in Warzone. Let’s hope this is sooner rather than later as the game is almost unplayable currently.

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