Top 5 Best Landing Spots in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Landing Spots

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After countless hours of hard fought battles won and lost, it’s become clear there are certain areas in Warzone that are better than others in terms of loot.

If you want the best loot right off the bat, then these are the places to go to in the beginning of a Call of Duty: Warzone match.

But of course, be wary, you won’t be the only one gunning for the good stuff…

Best Places to Drop in Verdansk

5. Storage Town

Storage town is crammed full of loot,money, contracts, and armor. It has everything you want or need. The only catch is that it is a close quarters maze where an enemy could be hiding in a corner, or even on top of the storage shacks.

You’ll want to check corners and above you at all times as you enter each storage shack. You should be able to earn enough money here to purchase anything you want from the buy station too.

4. Military Base

Military base is definitely a fan favorite, which makes it a hot zone too. Don’t be surprised if a few squads drop here with you. But the abundant loot makes it worth the fight. If you come out victorious, you’ll be more than ready for the next battle that comes your way.

This is a mid to high tier loot zone, and you’ll notice that right off the bat. The communication towers here provide excellent sniping spots. Be sure to keep a look out for snipers; Alternatively, if you’re a sniper, keep a look out for your prey.

3. Downtown

Downtown is a densely concentrated urban sprawl. The buildings there ensure a high likelihood of a vertical fight. You’ll want to watch out for snipers and full squads on top of the buildings.

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However, the loot and money here is abundant. The insides of buildings provide lots of cover, as well as great surprise attack spots. Take a guerrilla warfare, hit and run approach to the area and you will thrive.

2. Atlas Superstore

Superstore is another great location where you can find mid to high tier loot. There’s a buy station nearby too, which will give you the advantage if you can get to it quickly and safely purchase a kill streak.

Superstore has a lot of nooks and crannies, and the floor is absolutely covered in loot. Use these corners to your advantage and kill unsuspecting looters.

1. Hospital

The cream of the crop, Hospital is my favorite place to drop. It provides immediate mid to high tier loot and lots of money. There’s a helicopter on the roof which will provide you with ample mobility.

Expect vertical engagements here as well, as players love to camp on top of the buildings here. The inside of the hospital is a good place to hole up once you and your team is looted.

You can camp on top and kill any players in the area, but be wary of enemy snipers. You can also stay in the building and shoot from the windows, giving you the extra protection and advantage of using the building as cover.

Let us know what you think of these areas in the comments! Do you have a location recommendation? Let us know!

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