A console is nothing without some great games – these are the titles that we’d like to see launch alongside the next-gen Xbox!

Despite being only midway through the current console generation, Microsoft is already working on its next-gen Xbox.

While we don’t have any exact details yet, Xbox President Sarah Bond has confirmed that the company is “moving full speed ahead” on a next-gen console, meaning that it will likely arrive in the near future. Our estimate is 2027, but it could arrive either earlier or later than that.

With work on the next Xbox already underway, development of games for the console should also begin soon. Fortunately, Xbox has plenty of massive properties that would work perfectly as launch titles for Xbox’s next generation.

Here are the games we’d like to see launch alongside the next Xbox console:


Halo Infinite

Master Chief is the iconic Xbox mascot, but this console generation has not been very kind to him.

Between Halo Infinite having very little content at launch and the Halo TV show sharing very little with the beloved series, Chief has certainly seen better days.

Therefore, there’s no better way to get the Halo series back on track than by launching the next entry alongside a new Xbox console!

Hopefully, a new Halo would feature a campaign more similar to the first three games (and with co-op!). This would be a huge improvement over the sparse open world of Infinite.

Additionally, releasing the multiplayer with more maps, a better progression system and Forge at launch should get longtime fans of the series back on board!

Gears of War

Gears of War 5 Characters

Gears of War is second only to Halo in terms of iconic Xbox-exclusive games. However, it hasn’t gotten much love in recent years.

2019’s Gears 5 didn’t quite reach the heights of the original trilogy, but Xbox fans still have a lot of love for the gory third-person shooter series.

Therefore, releasing a new Gears of War game as a launch title for the next-gen Xbox could be a great way to get old-school Xbox fans to adopt the new console on day one!

However, information from The Verge suggests that Gears 6 will be announced in 2024, so it may release this console generation. This would mean that a next-gen Gears of War title may be a spinoff rather than a mainline entry.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport Night Race

While racing sims aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, nobody does it quite as well as the Forza Motorsport series.

What’s more, with the series’ stunning graphics, the next Xbox launching with a new Motorsport title would be the perfect game to showcase what Microsoft’s new console is capable of.

While we expect another Forza Horizon game this generation, a 2027 release for the next Xbox would line up perfectly with the release of a new Forza Motorsport.

A Fallout 3 or New Vegas Remake

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are some of the best open-world RPGs ever released. However, they are certainly showing signs of age now.

Even though they are both available on Game Pass, they still run very poorly (or not at all for some PC players!) and are full of bugs and glitches. Plus, the graphics and animations are looking particularly rough now, putting players off even more.

With Fallout’s popularity on the rise, thanks to the TV show, and Fallout 5 likely being a decade away, releasing remakes of Fallout 3 and New Vegas would be a great idea.

If either were launch titles for the next Xbox, it would certainly encourage gamers to pick up the console.

The Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls 6 Reveal

Finally, the launch title we’d like to see most for the next Xbox is The Elder Scrolls 6.

Bethesda announced this long-awaited title in 2018, so we know it has been in development for a while. However, we still expect it to release in a few years, meaning it could coincide with the next-gen Xbox!

Whatever Bethesda has planned next for Tamriel will surely be a genre-defining open-world RPG. Moreover, it would be by far the biggest system seller for a new Xbox console!

Xbox Logo

While this is speculation for now, we will likely get a better idea of launch titles for the next-gen Xbox in the next couple of years.

Developers will start hiring for projects in the near future, revealing what series could return on the next-gen Xbox. Additionally, the Xbox Studios releases in the next couple of years will indicate which games on our list are likely!

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