Top 5 Call of Duty Warzone Records That May Never Be Beaten

Call of Duty Warzone Records

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Just recently emerging onto the battle royale scene, Call of Duty Warzone has already seen more than 50 million players duke it out for the coveted win. But there are other prizes that players seek, and there are records to create and break.

The Top 5 Warzone Records

5. Most Kills in a Quads Match

Infinity Ward has recently introduced four-man teams into Call of Duty Warzone, and it hasn’t taken long for a record to be set. A squad of competitive COD players have wracked up quite the number of kills in one match.

The squad, made up of team members Nimble, Zepa, micha, and Lymax, are all competitive Call of Duty players. The team managed to get an incredible total of 100 kills, the most accrued by a four man team yet.

To put that in perspective, Call of Duty Warzone drops 150 players into a match together. The team took out roughly 2/3 the entire match!

4. Most Kills in a Trio Match

To make things even crazier, this same team (minus Nimble) have already set the record for the most kills in a trio’s match! They’ve actually broken this record twice, the first time being on March 17th, when they got 78 kills. That’s only one week after Warzone was officially released.

They then broke their own record on April 1st, netting a whopping 85 kills between the three of them. Zepa led the team in kills with a total of 34, while Lymax was right behind him with 30, and micka with a still impressive 21.

If you want to see the the announcement and proof, here’s the tweet Lymax put out.

3. Most Kills in a Solo Match

Rogue HusKerrs, a professional battle royale player, has created the new world record for most kills in a Call of Duty Warzone Solo match. He wracked up an incredible 37 kills.

That means he killed roughly 1/4 of the entire match by himself. That’s quite the accomplishment! To top it off, the final kill is accomplished by using a grenade launcher.

The crowning moment can be seen here.

2. Most Wins in Warzone

The account TwitchHeadxchesz#9962733 has a spectacular 446 wins in Warzone. It turns out that headxchesz is a twitch streamer, and he has two accounts in first and second place respectively, in world wide for wins in Warzone.

His other account Headxchesz is in second, with 433 wins. This means he has a breathtaking total of 879 wins in Call of Duty Warzone, the most in the entire world.

1. Most Kills in Warzone

The player forpantheonnn#8888152 has the most kills in Warzone, with an astonishing 13,365 kills. But like Headxchesz, he has a second account, which is also in second place.

This second account is right behind his first with another equally astonishing 13,011 kills. This means between both accounts, he has 26,376 kills in Call of Duty Warzone! That’s an incredible feat, and I’m not sure anyone will be beating that any time soon!

Players compete all the time, and records are shattered over and over again. If you think we’ve missed an incredible record or accomplishment that a player or group of players has achieved in Call of Duty Warzone, let us know!

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