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Top 3 Zombies Game Modes to Return in Black Ops Cold War

While the mentioned game modes are not confirmed or denied to be added to Black Ops Cold War, these modes would be much loved additions to the game.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 details reveal that a new zombies game mode is coming soon.

In this article, we'll talk about three game modes Treyarch should add into Black Ops Cold War zombies.

Zombies Game Modes

In previous mainline Black Ops titles, Treyarch has attempted to innovate the way we play zombies.

Some have been successful with the community, while others fade into irrelevance.

With Black Ops Cold War receiving mostly positive feedback and high praise, many Call of Duty fans have begged Treyarch to add more game modes to zombies.

The community is definitely hungry for a new game mode, and it shows.

While the classic style of zombies will remain in every Treyarch title, the majority of the community would welcome a new or returning game mode with open arms.

1. Grief

Black Ops 2 zombies Grief
Grief in Black Ops 2 zombies

This game mode is probably the most requested amongst the zombies community to make a comback.

Grief was introduced in Black Ops 2. It features two teams of up to four players competing in the same game of zombies to see which team can survive the longest.

Grief was available on four maps in Black Ops 2: Farm, Town, Cell Block (Mob of the Dead), and Borough (Buried).

Along the way, you can use raw meat to sabotage the other team. Using raw meat, you can throw it onto an enemy player and zombies will chase that particular player.

On the majority of the maps, the two teams to choose from were the CDC and the CIA. However, on Cell Block, the two teams are the Alcatraz Prisoners and the Alcatraz Guards.

Power ups such as insta-kill or max ammo would only affect your team when you pick them up.

Many zombies fans took a liking to Grief because it was a competitive mode that shifted the focus from a normal zombies game. Not only do you have to survive, you have to best the enemy team.

The reason why Grief would be an incredible addition to Black Ops Cold War is ESports.

The Call of Duty League has gained a ton of traction within the Call of Duty community, and there have even been some ESports organizations investing in zombies such as Obey Alliance.

Adding a competitive mode into Black Ops Cold War zombies could invigorate an all new competitive community and spark a zombies ESports revolution.

Grief would be the perfect flagship game mode.

2. Gauntlet Mode

Black Ops 4 zombies Gauntlet Mode
Gauntlet Mode in Black Ops 4 zombies

Gauntlet Mode was introduced in Black Ops 4. This game mode is a round-based challenge mode. There are 30 rounds of unique challenges for player to complete.

If a player goes down or fails to complete a challenge, they receive a strike. Three strikes and your game is over.

Gauntlets are available on all maps in Black Ops 4 zombies, with the addition of a Hard Mode Gauntlet on Voyage of Despair.

While many people see Gauntlets in a bad light, this game mode could be an interesting addition to Black Ops Cold War zombies.

The majority of the zombies community already believe Black Ops Cold War surpasses Black Ops 4 in terms of quality. Adding a Gauntlet to Die Maschine and future installments of Black Ops Cold War zombies could make the community more likely to play them.

With all the new gameplay mechanics introduced in Black Ops Cold War zombies, Gauntlet Mode could have more depth, replayability, and strategy.

3. Rush

Black Ops 4 zombies Rush
Rush in Black Ops 4 zombies

Rush is an arcade-style game mode introduced in Black Ops 4 zombies.

In Rush, up to four players compete against each other to earn as many points as possible by killing enemies and collecting yellow tokens that appear randomly on the map.

Doors, perks, weapons, and Pack-A-Punch are free. However, doors are opened slowly as the game progresses.

As you play Rush, there are specific locations you and the other players must defend. After defeating a certain number of enemies in a set location, yellow tokens are rewarded, and players move on to the next area.

For similar reasons to Gauntlet mode, people would be more inclined to play Rush if it was in Black Ops Cold War zombies.

Although there is no sabotaging the other players, the competitiveness is tough enough to make the game mode fun.

Rush on Die Maschine would be hectic and challenging, and I have no doubts that future maps could be just as engaging.


Black Ops Cold War zombies can benefit from new game modes.

Grief, Gauntlet Mode, and Rush could add a new element to the game for fans to continue to play.

Only time will tell what game modes Treyarch add to Black Ops Cold War zombies.

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