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Top 10 Special Cars & Vehicles in GTA Vice City

Looking for special cars to get around Vice City? Here are the top 10 special cars and vehicles in GTA Vice City.

Cars or vehicles, in general, are the most common means of getting around in GTA Vice City. 

They come in all shapes and sizes while some cars can even be flown, all thanks to Vice City’s cheat codes.

GTA Vice City has some secret or special vehicles that come with unique features when compared to the standard models. 

These so-called special vehicles in GTA Vice City have unique/permanent colors and are often bullet, explosions, fire, or collision-proof.

Here are the top 10 special vehicles in GTA Vice City that are worth giving a try.

Meanwhile, perhaps the most special vehicle of all is this stealable tank in Vice City!

Alternatively, why not take the Voodoo car for a spin?

Secret Vehicles in GTA Vice City 

10) Admiral

Admiral is one of the secret cars in GTA Vice City and is bullet, explosion, fire, or damage proof.

If you want to get the Admiral, simply start the mission named “Guardian Angel” given by Juan Garcia Cortez.

However, you don’t have to complete the mission. After the Haitian runs off with the money, you have to reach Diaz’s Admiral and wait for the mission to fail.

Nothing can destroy the vehicle, so it’s better to store it in a garage.

9) Cuban Hermes

Cuban Hermes is very similar to Admiral in terms of protection. It is the gang car for the Cubans/Los Cabrones.

The car will take cosmetic damage but won’t blow up. The Cuban Hermes is black with a flame decal paint job on most of its body. It can be procured during the Guardian Angel mission.

You simply need to follow the mission until you are instructed to protect Diaz. Then, kill Diaz and his members.

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8) Sabre Turbo

Another special vehicle that you might want in your garage is the Sabre Turbo. The Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City is a bullet, explosion, and fire proof car and can be great when evading the police.

You can get the vehicle during The Driver mission, which becomes available after buying the Malibu Club. 

7) FBI Rancher

If you are looking for something more rare and unique, then FBI Rancher fits the bill perfectly.

It is a law enforcement SUV and can only be found under certain circumstances. To get the vehicle you will need to achieve a five-star wanted level and wait for officers to arrive in an FBI Rancher.

You can then kill all the police officers in the car and after the wanted level disappears, and store it in the garage.

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6) Spand Express Mule

Spand Express Mule in GTA Vice City ( Image via GTA ALL)

Spand Express Mule is one of the rarest vehicles in GTA Vice City. It is just a normal Mule brand named Spand Express.

You can get this vehicle in two missions namely, Jury Fury and Riot. During the Jury Fury mission, after the accident, simply jump in and drive away with the Mule.

While in the Riot mission, after the gate is unlocked, drive the Mule to one of your safehouses and then fail the mission.

5) Love Fist Limo

Apart from the Love Fist band, there’s even a vehicle with that same name in GTA Vice City.

The Love Fist band uses a custom limousine named the Love Fist Limousine. If you want this custom vehicle, then start the Psycho Killer or Publicity Tour mission.

Drive the vehicle to a garage and shoot at it till it explodes. Now go outside and let the garage door close.

Once it reopens, you will find the Love Fist Limousine in perfect condition. 

4) Romero

Romero is another rare vehicle in GTA Vice City that can either be spawned using a cheat code or gotten via the Two Bit Hit mission.

The Romero is a fast car with great acceleration but suffers from poor steering.

During the Two Bit Hit mission, once you reach the funeral location quickly kill the target and escape the area in the Romero.

Once the mission ends, you can store the car in your garage.

3) FBI Washington

FBI Washington is another law enforcement sedan in Grand Theft Auto Vice City alongside the FBI Rancher.

There are two ways of getting this vehicle. The first way is by raising your wanted level to four stars and steal the car from the police.

The second and safe way is after completing the Phnom Penh ’86. This will unlock the Vice City Mainland area.

Once the area is unlocked, visit the Rock City near the Downtown Pizza Restaurant. Follow the path inside Rock City and the FBI Washington will be parked in a small area.

2) Hunter

 If cars are not your cup of tea, the GTA Vice City has some cool helicopters as well.

The Hunter is one of the powerful helicopters in the game and looks inspired by real-world Apache.

You can get this powerful helicopter either by completing the entire storyline or by collecting all 100 Hidden Packages.

Once you have completed one of the two requirements, visit the Washington Beach Police Department and get the cop outfit. 

You now need to go to Fort Baxter via a normal helicopter and land near the Hunter.

1) Skimmer

The Skimmer is a Dodo plane with platoons instead of wheels. This allows you to land and take off directly from the ocean.  

The plane can be obtained after completing the Dildo Dodo mission for International Global Flim. The Skimmer is always parked at the International Global Flim pier.

Don’t forget that you can spawn in almost any vehicle with the GTA Vice City cheat code list, so go wild!

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