Top 10 Fortnite Skins in the Item Shop

Best Fortnite Skins

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Part of Fortnite’s success has to do with the crazy skins they release. These skins even allow crossovers from famous movie franchises and comic books. Players are always showing off cosmetics, which means what skin you have on is important!

The Best Fortnite Skins

Below are what we think deserve to be the top 10 skins in Fortnite as of chapter 2, season 2. Vote below to let us know if you agree with our rankings.

10. Midas

Midas is an outfit of legendary rarity. You can unlock this skin by grinding to the end of the battle pass during season 12. Unlock the skin at tier 100 of the battle pass. This skin comes with three different styles- ghost, shadow, and gold.

First, the ghost skin shows Midas wearing a white suit, while shadow shows him wearing a black suit. In fact, the gold style Midas is completely solid gold, including his suit.

9. Lynx

Lynx is a legendary outfit available during season 7. She could be unlocked at tier 1 one of the battle pass. She has a handful of unlockable styles. These include an all red version and an all blue version of her skin.

8. Raven

Another legendary skin, Raven is from the Nevermore set. He was purchasable from the item shop for 2,000 V bucks ($20). Additionally, the skin comes with an attachment called iron cage.

Items that come with a cosmetic when it is purchased or unlocked are called attachments. Moreover, Iron cage looks great on any skin, so this alone is worth the price.

7. Catalyst

A legendary skin from the Drift set, Catalyst was available through the battle pass during season 10. Tier 1 of the battle pass unlocked the skin. Furthermore, the Riftstorm color and Overcharge style are great choices for this skin, giving them a unique flavor.

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6. Fusion

Fusion was available during season 11 of Fortnite. Unlocked at tier 100 of the battle pass, Fusion is the last item you receive. As a matter of fact, this legendary skin comes with a few stylish attachments, such as the Fusion Scythe harvesting tool.

5. Ragnorak

Ragnarok was the tier 100 reward of the battle pass for season 5. It’s now one of the harder skins to find on players in Fortnite. Even rarer, the stage 6 style of this skin required a lot of XP to unlock it.

4. Galaxy

The skin was only given to people who purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or Samsung Note 9. In fact, it isn’t even offered to Samsung customers anymore, and was replaced with a different skin. However, the skin looks cool and is pretty unique, landing it in the fourth slot.

3. Black Knight

The Black Knight skin was the final skin you could earn through the battle pass during season 2. The Black Knight skin was unlocked at tier 70. Furthermore, if you have it, it means you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while now. Moreover, this legendary skin also comes with a handful of great outfits, like the Ultima Knight.

2. Deadpool

Deadpool is a crossover between Marvel and Fortnite. He is the secret mystery skin for Chapter 2, Season 2 of the battle pass. Complete the final two Deadpool challenges to get the unmasked version of this skin.

1. John Wick

A legendary skin found in the John Wick set, the skin was part of a promotion between Fortnite and the John Wick movie series. In fact, the skin is specifically promoting John Wick 3: Parabellum. The skin was purchasable from the item shop for 2,000 V-Bucks ($20).

Similarly, the Reaper skin was a previous skin that was a heavy handed reference to John Wick. It became one of the more famous skins for Fortnite. However, now that there is an official John Wick skin, players can become the fearful “Baba Yaga” themselves and dominate the fight!

Fortnite updates add new skins all the time. If a skin that deserves to be mentioned has been missed, let us know!

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