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Top 10 Best Looking Saints Row Boss Factory Bosses

Saints Row Boss Factory offers an insane amount of customization, which led to the creation of some of the best bosses we have seen!

Many gamers are eager to get their hands on the upcoming Saints Row. Deep Silver Volition announced the game back at Gamescom 2021 as a reboot to the franchise.

This has led to many fans waiting in excitement to see where this new direction takes the franchise. Despite changes, Saints Row retains its over-the-top essence.

To celebrate the game’s upcoming launch and its crazy nature, the developer launched Saints Row Boss Factory.

Just as the gameplay itself, the characters players can make are nothing short of hilarious and epic. We have compiled the best bosses creations from Saints Row Boss Factory for your enjoyment!

Saints Row Boss Factory Logo
Deep Silver Volition

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Best Saints Row Characters Created on Boss Factory

These are the best boss creations in Saints Row Boss Factory. No particular order was followed, and all are excellent character or meme recreations!

You can download Saints Row Boss Factory to create, share, and import your own bosses!

10. It’s Morbin’ Time – Morbius

The Morbius memes made this character stellar, and its legacy has arrived at Saints Row Boss Factory. We can all agree the resemblance is unparalleled!

Creator: TheRedProphett
Boss Share Code: xrrbret

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Morbius Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

9. Ye

Even if you do not like his music, there are very few people that have not heard about this controversial rapper. Ye is now ready to visit Santo Ileso!

Creator: mabrpl
Boss Share Code: hfsqzet

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Ye Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

8. Shape-Shifting Factory – Mystique

This character needs no introduction. Mystique is one of the most recognizable faces in the X-Men universe!

Furthermore, this creator did a fantastic job bringing her to Saints Row as one of the best bosses.

Creator: Uphaul
Boss Share Code: ddydsbs

Mystique Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

7. All Systems, Full Power! – Dr. Eggman

This version of Eggman, well, the creator took some liberties. However, there is no denying the Eggman essence is there, and he seems ready for some Saints Row action!

Creator: Leroy_Jethro.exe
Boss Share Code: xydyqrt

Eggman Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

6. There’s a Very Logical Explanation – Velma

Velma is one of the most beloved characters in the Scooby-Doo franchise. She also made an appearance as one of the best characters in MultiVersus.

Currently, thanks to this creator, she is in Saints Row as one of its best bosses, ready to solve the mysteries in Santo Ileso!

Creator: Fort_Bene
Boss Share Code: teescqx

Velma Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

5. I Am the One Who Knocks – Heisenberg

Breaking Bad is an icon when it comes to excellent TV. Heisenberg is memorable and, many times, a character to be feared. Thanks to this boss creator, he is about to lay some order in Saints Row!

Creator: Matt_Green_Voli
Boss Share Code: zfxxqbz

Heisenberg Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

4. Ultra Instinct, the Power of a God – Shaggy

Shaggy has been such a paramount meme reference in the past few years. This character is so popular that he is part of the MultiVersus’ fighter roster!

It was a matter of time before he made an appearance on Saints Row.

Creator: Sechev
Boss Share Code: bfxceed

Shaggy Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

3. The Pirate King – Luffy

Anime fans will immediately recognize this pirate and his straw hat. Luffy and One Piece are iconic in the realm of Japanese animation and a great boss idea for Saints Row!

Creator: Jatttase
Boss Share Code: dzkhrqf

Luffy Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

2. Some DisRespect! – Dr Disrespect

The popular streamer is definitely a prominent figure in the gaming community.

Dr Disrespect’s opinion about popular titles is well regarded by his thousands of followers. Now, he is ready to cause mayhem in Santo Ileso!

Creator: underwaterh2o
Boss Share Code: shresdf

Dr Disrespect Saints Row Boss Factory

1. Behold, Oh Beauty! – Handsome Squidward

Last but not least is the magnum opus of beauty, the incarnated perfection of the sea, Handsome Squidward.

Anytime a game has a character creator, you bet a gamer will recreate this masterpiece of a meme. Handsome Squidward has even been recreated in Elden Ring!

Needless to say, this creation is one of Saints Row’s best bosses.

Creator: connor_volition
Boss Share Code: dfpbqhc

Handsome Squidward Saints Row Boss Factory
Deep Silver Volition

These are just some of the best boss creations players have uploaded to Saints Row Boss Factory. Remember that you can also craft your own!

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