Top 10 Best Battlefield 5 Weapons

Battlefield 5 Weapons

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To succeed at Battlefield 5’s frantic multiplayer, you’ll need to choose the best weapons. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help! Here you’ll find a list of the best weapons to use in Battlefield 5.

Best Weapons in Battlefield V

10. Panzerfaust 100

This anti-tank weapon, one of a handful found in the game, does great damage to armored vehicles, structures, and fortifications. To maximize your damage, you’ll want to hit the sides or rear of an enemy vehicle.

The Panzerfaust 100 is also great for flushing out enemy infantry. If they’re behind fortifications or set up shop in a building, simply aim and pull the trigger. You’ll be watching the building or fortification crumble in no time, and all of them scattering like ants.

9. M1897

The M1897, fondly dubbed “the trench gun”, is a great close range weapon. It’s especially useful for clearing out buildings. Although it is a pump action shotgun, it has a high rate of fire. It has a very tiny range and a large spread, making it useless in any ranged confrontation.

8. MP40

Unlocked early in the medic class, the MP40 has stats that are similar to the STEN gun. However, the MP40 has a bit more accuracy and recoil, making it the better choice.

It’s great for medium to short range combat. It’s also an all around balanced weapon, great for people new to first person shooters, or Battlefield in general.

7. Suomi KP/-31

The Suomi has an incredibly high fire rate. However, its incredibly high recoil makes it hard to fully hit your target. Additionally, it also has horizontal recoil, which makes adjusting and anticipating your shots/recoil even more difficult.

The weapon is best used in close quarters combat. Although it has a difficult to control recoil, the damage output and time to kill (TTK) are very high, making it worth the trouble.

6. The BAR

No, not the law exam! A light machine gun, the BAR has a unique (for LMG’s) fire selector setting that allows the player to choose a higher or lower rate of automatic fire. The accuracy of the BAR is unpredictable in the fully automatic mode due to the high vertical and horizontal recoil.

The lower rate of automatic fire mode allows recoil to settle in between shots. This leads to greater consistency when doling out damage. This mode also works best for long range, while the higher rate of automatic fire mode works better for close quarters.

5. Jungle Carbine

A bolt action carbine, the Jungle Carbine has the highest magazine capacity, in addition to the largest amount of ammunition carried. This carbine can kill in two body shots or a head shot as far out as 100 meters, making it a deadly long range gun.

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It’s rapid rate of fire allows for quick follow up shots, while its magazine capacity gives you room to breathe if you keep missing your target. Be warned, when you run out of ammo, the reload time is slow.

4. Type 2A

The shortest TTK of all sub machine guns, the Type 2A is another SMG with another high rate of fire. At medium range its effectiveness is damaged by low muzzle velocity and high recoil.

Although it rapidly goes through ammunition, this is balanced by a very quick reload speed. The Type 2A is best used in close quarters combat, where it shreds enemies.

3. Kar98K

The slowest rate of fire found on a sniper, the Kar98K also has the highest damage. It favors a patient sniper, (what sniper isn’t patient) so choose your shots carefully. The long range bullet upgrade will reduce the bullet drop, ensuring a larger chance of hitting your target.

2. Gewehr 43

The Gewehr 43 boats high damage and is able to consistently kill a target with three body shots up to 103 meters away. It’s high bullet velocity allows it to excel at long range fighting, making it perfect when paired with a scope.

Although semi-automatic, it’s still great in a close quarters fight. It only has ten rounds in a magazine, which is also coupled with slow reloading. These offset its high damage, but still make it a deadly weapon to wield.

1. STG44

An assault rifle with great versatility, it excels at almost any situation. The STG44 offers low recoil and high damage, the perfect combination.

It can be used in close, medium, and even long distance fights. This makes it the weapon of choice by many, and one to rely on for any situation.

The large magazine of 30 rounds complements it’s slower rate of fire. This allows you to choose your shots carefully, and stay in the fight longer.

Weapons in Battlefield 5 are nerfed and buffed all the time, so keep your eyes open for changes that may come to the game. If you think we’ve missed a weapon that should be on the list, or a weapon is on the list and it shouldn’t be, let us know in the comments!

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