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Apex Legends Characters

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The universe of Apex Legends is a dangerous one to inhabit. No one likes being dropped into a fight to the death, but if you’re going to, you might as well come out on top.

Each character is unique in their playstyle, perks, and abilities. Finding the right fit is the difference between winning or losing.

Apex Legends Characters Ranked

10. Wattson

Wattson is great for defensively locking down an area. Camping in buildings is recommended with her, because she can make it easily defensible with her pylons. She’s at her best in close quarters, so if you don’t like to camp or stay inside, Wattson isn’t the one for you.

9. Crypto

Information is power, and Crypto can help you wield that power. Although his ability to locate enemies is a great tool to use, it does come with a drawback. That drawback is the fact that Crypto must pilot his drone, leaving him vulnerable to enemies sneaking up on him.

His drone did get a buff for its health recently, alongside another buff to his ultimate ability. Now, his ultimate does not slow or stun teammates, which allows them to take advantage of his EMP strike and kill the enemy. His drone can pickup allied banners too, making it even more useful than before.

8. Mirage

Mirage’s ultimate is great for flanking enemies or getting out of a dangerous situation. His clone can also be used to lure out enemies you suspect are nearby, allowing you to get the drop on them.

Additionally, when knocked down he deploys a holographic decoy and cloaks himself for five seconds. This greatly enhances the chance of you getting revived and back in the fight.

7. Pathfinder

With Pathfinder, he offers your team greater mobility. His grappling hook is great for flanking enemies (or running away if you’re outgunned). His ultimate, a zipline, allows your team to move from one location to another much farther away, with great ease.

In fact, his passive allows your team to see where the next circle will be. This is great because your team can get into advantageous positions with his zipline while knowing what the circle in front of you will be like.

6. Caustic

Caustic is great for offensively locking down areas and holding off enemies. His Nox traps allow for a defensive buffer against a team. You can also set them up for an ambush, using them offensively.

The biggest drawback to Caustic is that while he is unaffected by his gas, his teammates can be. He also has a large hitbox, making him an easier target to take down.

5. Wraith

Wraith has a small hitbox and incredible maneuverability. She can phase in and out of the void to both avoid damage and change positions. This opens up the possibilities of flanking enemies.

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Her ultimate is great for team mobility because they can all go through the portal she opens up. The cherry on top is her passive ability, which warns her when an enemy is aiming at her.

4. Gibraltar

Despite his large hitbox and slow movement, Gibraltar is great to have in a fight. His recently buffed passive ability, a gun shield, allows him to get the first few precious hits on an enemy without getting hurt.

His deployable dome shield provides protection for the team against enemy fire. It also allows him to revive his teammates faster while under the shield. His ultimate, a aerial bombardment, is great for third partying fights. It instantly puts any enemy on the defensive.

3. Bangalore

Bangalore is a solid legend to use. Her smoke bombs break the enemies line of sight. Pair the smoke with Bloodhound’s ultimate, Wraith’s phase, or Octane’s speed to flank and kill your enemies with ease.

Her ultimate, an aerial bombardment similar to Gibraltar’s, is great for pushing back enemies. Her passive is great for combat, as it allows you to run quicker while being shot at.

2. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is great for making sure your location is secure. His tactical allows for traps, enemies, and clues in front of you to be briefly revealed. His passive adds on to this, allowing you to see the clues (footprints) that foes have left behind in their wake.

Bloodhound’s ultimate is incredibly powerful. It enhances all of your senses, allowing you to see cold tracks and enemies in front of you (even if they’re hidden in smoke). By knocking down enemies while his ultimate is active, you extend the life of it.

Pair Bloodhound’s ultimate with Bangalore’s smoke grenades and wreck havoc on the other teams.

1. Lifeline

Having a combat medic on your team is quite an advantage. She can revive teammates quicker than other characters. She also heals herself faster too. The shield she deploys while reviving teammates means getting revived is still an option, even if in combat.

On top of all that, her healing drone allows you to save precious space in your inventory ( or healing supplies for later, if she is down). Finally, her ultimate calls in a care package full of loot for the team. However, this can alert enemies to your position, so use it wisely.

If you think a character deserves to be put on this list, or you think one should be taken off and replaced, let us know in the comments below!

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