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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Reveals 2 New Maps From ‘The Division’ Universe

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant reveals 2 new maps and fans are already pointing out The Division assets.

The Division and its sequel are two of the more iconic Tom Clancy games out there. Even today, The Division 2 looks absolutely stunning and there’s a reason that Ubisoft is pushing for another installment in the franchise already.

However, it looks as though XDefiant will also be drawing inspiration from the popular Division series. This should come as no shock, given that XDefiant will pull from a range of past Tom Clancy titles.

But now that we’re getting to see 2 new maps from the XDefiant Closed Test, it looks like a LOT of content is coming over from The Division series.

Tom Clancy's XDefiant Beta
(Source: Ubisoft)

Be sure to sign up for Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Closed Test to experience the upcoming shooter first!

XDefiant New Maps Emporium and Air & Space

XDefiant is showing off 2 new maps: Emporium and Air & Space, ahead of its new Closed Test.

If you’ve signed up for the new XDefiant Closed Test, it’s only a few more days until you’ll get to play the upcoming Multiplayer shooter. Gamers in the US and Canada will be able to enjoy the experience first, and you’re getting 2 new maps to battle it out on.

No matter which XDefiant Faction you choose to represent, here are two new locations that you’ll be seeing more of in the Closed Test.

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Tom Clancy's XDefiant New Map Emporium
(Source: Ubisoft)

Emporium is a new XDefiant map set in a run-down shopping emporium in Winter. Longtime The Division players will recognize this arena from the Broadway Emporium mission from the first game.

Of course, the map has had a few tweaks to get it ready for the new Multiplayer stylings of XDefiant. But The Division players may well have an advantage when fighting on this familiar home turf.

Air & Space

Tom Clancy's XDefiant New Map Air & Space
(Source: Ubisoft)

Next up is Air & Space, an iconic arena set in the Air & Space Museum from The Division 2. It seems that the museum is a little derelict, with plant life growing on the exhibitions.

Players will be shooting it out amongst an array of space-based technology, including rockets, moon rovers, and more.

We imagine that we’ll be seeing more maps coming to XDefiant directly from other Tom Clancy games. We’d love to see some environments from Splinter Cell or Rainbow Six Siege get the spotlight next.

In the meantime, XDefiant isn’t the only game getting a beta test right now. Halo Infinite’s Public Flighting is currently live all weekend, and players are enjoying a return to the Multiplayer action.

What’s more, the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Plus, both Call of Duty Vanguard and Halo Infinite may have just revealed their release dates!

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