The latest batch of My Hero Academia heroes have joined Fortnite, and with them comes a brand new ability called Todoroki’s Ice Wall.

Shoto Todoroki is a fan-favorite character in the My Hero series, and one of his most powerful moves, the Ice Wall, has made its way into Fortnite.

Below we explain where to find this new Mythic ability and how to use it, so fans can finally unleash this deadly attack against their enemies.

How to Get Todoroki’s Ice Wall in Fortnite

The best place to find Todoroki’s Ice Wall item in Fortnite is in All Might Supply Drops, which appear mid-game and are identifiable by the icon of All Might’s face on the map.

However, players can also find Todoroki’s Ice Wall as ground loot as well as in regular and rare chests. Additionally, you can also steal it from another player by eliminating them.

The player finding Todoroki's Ice Wall in Fortnite
Credit – Bodil40

All Might Supply Drops appear across the island randomly, so there are no fixed locations. To open one, simply head over and hold down Square/X/E.

You’ll be able to spot these My Hero-themed supply drops from a mile away as they are dangling from a giant balloon resembling the legendary hero All Might.

The All Might Supply Drop Balloon in Fortnite

How to Use Todoroki’s Ice Wall in Fortnite

Players can use Todoroki’s Ice Wall Mythic ability by equipping it from the weapon bar and then pressing RT/R2/Left Click to deploy it.

Once deployed, a giant wall of ice will appear before the player with an enormous health bar. It takes a lot to destroy, so players can use it to defend themselves against enemies.

It will also knock back anyone it hits once deployed, allowing it to be used offensively as well as defensively. The Ice Wall won’t disappear until its health bar has been completely depleted.

Todoroki using his Ice Wall against Deku in Fortnite

What Is Todoroki’s Ice Wall in Fortnite?

Todoroki’s Ice Wall is an attack used by one of the main characters from the My Hero Academia anime and manga series, Shoto Todoroki.

In My Hero Academia, Todoroki can harness the elements of both fire and ice thanks to his father’s fire-based Quirk (powers) and his mother’s ice-based Quirk.

One of his go-to moves is the Ice Wall, a deadly and enormous attack that he uses to great effect against his enemies.

While it requires a lot of energy to use, it is tremendously powerful and is even used to dramatic effect when fighting against Sero Hanta during the U.A. Sports Festival arc.

You can see it in action in the anime below:

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